AgSTAR Releases Anaerobic Digestion and Biogas Systems Handbook | Newtrient Blog

Posted 04/30/2020 by Mark Stoermann

AgSTAR, in coordination with technical experts, recently released a comprehensive handbook of the latest industry knowledge and best practices for anaerobic digestion (AD) and biogas systems. The Project Development Handbook, or Handbook, was created to help farmers, technology developers, financial investors and policymakers better understand AD/biogas systems in order to make more informed decisions and develop sustainable, manure-management solutions. 


This recent edition provides details on: 
• Co-digestion from a variety of feedstocks on farm
• Biogas utilization, including transportation fuels and biochemicals 
• Combined AD/biogas systems and nutrient recovery for generating alternative, renewable fertilizers 


For more detailed information and third-party reviews of anaerobic digestion and biogas systems, visit the Newtrient Technology Catalog.


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