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Posted 04/10/2018 by Jamie Vander Molen

For hundreds of years, people have nourished their families with milk from farm animals, and today our growing population requires more dairy foods than ever. This presents dairy farmers with significantly more of a valuable byproduct, manure. For the most part, manure has been an underused resource. Some have never realized its full value and potential while others simply don’t know where to go for help.


ENTER. . . Newtrient, using technology and innovation to create added value for farmers, communities and our environment. 


Launched in 2015, Newtrient was created by leading dairy cooperatives and dairy industry leaders to transform manure management and nutrient recovery on behalf of all U.S. dairy farmers. Newtrient is focused on discovering new technologies, products and markets to help farmers reduce their environmental footprint and making it economically viable to do so.  


Providing and Unbiased View of Today’s Manure Management Technologies
Newtrient's industry experts sort through the maze of manure management technology solutions to deliver unbiased evaluations of today’s technology options and help farmers make sound decisions. The Technology Catalog provides third-party evaluations of over 260 existing and emerging technologies. Check out the Technology Catalog.

Advancing Technologies and Products focused on Manure Solutions 
Newtrient's team provides industry insights, technical expertise and business discipline to vendors, service providers, farmers and cooperatives in order to deliver sustainable solutions and operational and financial value to farms, regions and dairy companies. Newtrient’s services include:  

• Weighing risks and rewards of manure management technologies on the market 

• Facilitating technology vendor contracts 

• Providing technology assessments and recommendations for farms, regions or cooperatives (due diligence, financial risk, potential environmental gains) 


Driving the Development of an Ecosystem Services Marketplace 

We all want to do more to enhance the environment, but the current economics don’t bridge the gap. Newtrient is working in key dairy states to introduce a market-driven environmental solution. This solution monetizes environmental benefits, like improved soil health and water quality, and rewards farmers who are actively adopting sustainable practices to protect and enhance the environment. 


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