How to Get a Newtrient Recognized Seal | Newtrient Blog

Posted 04/18/2018 by Jamie Vander Molen

Newtrient's Technology Advancement team comprised of highly experienced experts in the manure management technology fields developed a 9-Point Technology Scoring System to universally evaluate and rate all technologies in the catalog. This 9-Point Technology Scoring System indicates the status and assists in the tracking the progress of the technology in the key areas of Commerical Viability, Economic & Industry Value, and Transparency & Interaction. 



Commercial Viability 

Operational History (currently operating on 3 farms) 

Operational Reliability (record of 12 months reliable performance on 3 farms) 

Market Penetration (installed on 10 farms) 


Economic/Business Transparency 

Capital Costs Identified (installed CAPEX is clear) 

Operations and Maintenance Cost Identified (actual OPEX is clear) 

Vendor Information Sharing (Business & Technology Information) 


Industry Value/Reviews 

Value Proposition (delivers identifiable value to the farm) 

Case Study (completed Case Study) 

Customer Reviews (3 farmers indicating they would recommend it to a colleague) 


A technology that demonstrates high marks on the 9-Point Technology Criteria will receive a Newtrient Recognized designation. Any technology that has not yet met all the criteria of being "Newtrient Recognized", but Newtrient feels is promising and heading in the right direction will receive a Newtrient Emerging Technology designation. Technologies designated as Not Vender VerifiedNewtrient is aware of, but is still working to provide accurate and verified information as it becomes available.