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Posted 04/16/2018 by Jamie Vander Molen

There is an abundance of innovative manure management technologies, so it can be challenging to identify which technologies and vendors provide the best solution for your farm's unique business needs. Newtrient is the first company to provide an open-access online Technology Catalog that evaluates over 260 existing and emerging manure-management technologies and provides an unbiased view of today's manure management solutions. 


How to use the Catalog 

The full catalog can be found at Users can experience the catalog in a variety of ways and search by vendor, product or equipment type. 

With specific categories for energy, anaerobic digestion and AD support systems, the catalog identifies which vendors, technologies or equipment meet the readers needs and makes it easy for them to dig deeper.


Each individual technology has its own detailed page that includes a company description, the technology description, photos, company contact information and Newtrient’s comments and opinions.



What does the scoring mean?  

The Technology Catalog provides industry expert evaluations on existing and emerging technologies, including company information, technology ratings and scores, case studies and supporting photos and reviews. Each technology is evaluated based on nine criteria developed by Newtrient's Technical Advancement Team (TAT). The 9-Point Technology Score indicates the status and assists in tracking the progress of the technology in the key areas of commercial viability, economic & industry value, and transparency & interaction.  



A technology that demonstrates high marks on the 9-Point Technology Criteria will receive a Newtrient Recognized designation. Any technology that has not yet met all the criteria of being "Newtrient Recognized", but Newtrient feels is promising and heading in the right direction will receive a Newtrient Emerging Technology designation. Technologies designated as Not Vender VerifiedNewtrient is aware of, but is still working to provide accurate and verified information as it becomes available.




What’s Next?  

Looking ahead, the catalog's next evolution will add environmental assessment ratings to technology types including "critical indicators" assessment to rate technology types on specific environmental indicators including: greenhouse gas emissions, nitrogen and phosphorous recovery, and reduction of storage, pathogens and odor. 


View the Technology Catalog or email us at to discover manure management technologies and product evaluations.



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