Newtrient Completes NRCS Cooperative Agreement | Newtrient Blog

Posted 12/29/2020 by Mark Stoermann

Since 2015, Newtrient has been working to advance marketplace solutions and to improve the environment. 


Between 2018 and 2020, Newtrient and its partners worked to advance environmental marketplace solutions and tools to improve water quality. Funded by a Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) Cooperative Agreement award, the project focused on expanding tools that could be used in market-based approaches to address water quality challenges in Vermont and Wisconsin. A summary of the project can be found here.


In Vermont, the project enhanced the capacity of the Farm Phosphorus Reduction Planner (Farm-PREP) model to evaluate farm specific approaches to quantify phosphorus reduction potential based on strategic combinations of field-based practices and manure processing technologies. A full report of this work can be found here


In Wisconsin, a series of reports were completed to evaluate the concept of a Clearinghouse to facilitate participation in Wisconsin’s water quality trading platforms. The reports cover the following topics:


1) Analysis of existing Clearinghouse structures across North America (link to full report)
2) Evaluation of Wisconsin’s water quality compliance programs for Clearinghouse framework considerations (link to full report)
3) Development of a range of Clearinghouse structure options (link to full report)


In addition to a Clearinghouse assessment in Wisconsin, a demand analysis was completed for the Wisconsin River Basin (WRB) TDML


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