Newtrient Releases Progress on Dairy Manure Management and Nutrient Recovery Solutions | Newtrient Blog

Posted 07/11/2018 by Jamie Vander Molen

As Newtrient LLC enters its third year, we want to share progress toward a new economic future for dairy on the part of 12 leading dairy cooperatives, Dairy Management Inc. (DMI) and National Milk Producers Federation (NMPF).

Newtrient was formed with one goal in mind – reduce the environmental footprint of dairy and make it economically viable to do so. We envision a future where dairy farmers provide environmental solutions to many societal challenges and realize the economic benefits from their actions.  


"Dairy farmers are leading the way in sustainable practices and Newtrient is helping to unleash the value of nutrients and ecosystem services – benefiting farmers, communities and the environment" - Rick Smith – CEO, Dairy Farmers of America 


Newtrient continues to bring an entrepreneurial approach to our work, including a focus on technology, product and market solutions: 

  • Providing unbiased views of manure management and nutrient recovery technologies 

  • Advancing innovative technologies and manure-based products that achieve maximum value of manure from barn to market 

  • Developing market-based solutions that sustain healthy ecosystems 


"Newtrient, through its forward-looking founders, has built a solid foundation in the emerging area of manure management and nutrient recovery. Early actions to advance innovative technologies, products and markets will have far-reaching implications on the environment, economy and communities and deliver future solutions for farmers."  - Barbara O'Brien, President – Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy  


Whether you are a dairy farmer, policy maker, NGO, academic or technology innovator, we invite you to learn more about Newtrient as we advance solutions to environmental and economic challenges that will shape the future of food and farming for generations to come.

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