What I Learned About Newtrient and the Dairy Industry | Newtrient Blog

Posted 07/26/2018 by Jamie Vander Molen

Hi, my name is Kelsey Koesters and I am a Communication Intern with Newtrient. I recently graduated from the University of Findlay with a Bachelor's degree in Marketing and a minor in Human Resources.  

As an intern, I a
ssist with the research, development, writing and editing of content for both internal and external communications to support Newtrient's communication strategy. 

Although I am o
riginally from a small farming community in Ohio, prior to interning with Newtrient, I wasn't familiar with the dairy industry, let alone the manure management and nutrient recovery solution opportunities for dairy farmsI learned there are many environmental benefits that dairy farms deliver – far beyond the milk and meat they produce. I learned that with our growing population, more food is needed to be produced through dairy farms which presents significant manure management challengesNewtrient sees dairy farm challenges as opportunities. Specifically for manure, there are many benefits including it being an excellent fertilizer that can lead to healthier soils and reduce the need to mine for fertilizers.  

As I drive past dairy farms, I wonder if the farmer has used the 
Newtrient Technology Catalog and/or if they have implemented any technologies on their farm. As I ride my bicycle around Grand Lake, I wonder what role local farms played and how they can help improve water, soils and our community. And when I spot the Undeniably Dairy logo, I now know the farmer sustainability story behind Undeniably Dairy and how farmers are making sustainable choices every day to protect and enhance my community  

As a future marketing and communications professional, I see great 
value in telling dairy's storyNewtrient does an excellent job of providing unbiased views of manure management and nutrient recovery options, advancing innovative technologies and manure-based products that achieve maximum value of manure from barn to market, and developing market-based solutions that sustain healthy ecosystems for the dairy industryMy experience here, the relationships I built and the feedback I was offered will tremendously help me moving forward in my career.