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Company Description:

Amp Americas has been a pioneer in renewable transportation fuel since 2011. They have accomplished a lot since then including:

Their ampCNG fleet has surpassed 50 million miles.

They have developed 20 CNG fueling stations.

Their project at Fair Oaks Farms became the only dairy RNG project certified by EPA and ARB.

Their 2nd project at Jasper Farms and the expansion at Fair Oaks Farms came online in 2018.

They have achieved the record for lowest carbon intensity score.

With two more dairy projects coming online in 2020, their growth and development continues. 


Through their subsidiaries (Renewable Dairy Fuels, ampRenew, and ampCNG) ampAmericas seeks to accelerate the conversion of every heavy duty diesel truck to clean, 100% renewable natural gas.

Technology Description:

ampCNG helps the country’s premier heavy-duty trucking fleets transition to cost-effective, clean, American natural gas. ampCNG currently owns and operates 19 public access, ultra fast-fill, CNG fueling stations around the country and are expanding their fast growing network to support the most dense transportation corridors in the U.S




1130 West Monroe St.

Chicago, IL 60607




Technology Type

  • AD Support


  • Project Developer


  • Energy


  • Odor
  • Pathogens
  • GHG


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Technology Strengths,Weaknesses and Critical Indicators

Anaerobic Digester Associated Technology:

NOTE: There are several technology types that are used as part of an integrated manure management system that includes an anaerobic digester and are not applicable to manure management in other cases. The impact of these technologies on the critical indicators are represented as those of an entire anaerobic digester system.


  • Long usable life and can be run reliably
  • Creates energy and generates environmental credits
  • Requires proper preparation of the feedstock
  • Requires other technologies for energy utilization
  • Requires other technologies for digestate handling
  • Proper feeding & system monitoring is required to avoid system downtime
  • Proven technology for odor control, GHG reduction and pathogen reduction

Newtrient Comments/Opinions:

ampCNG designs, builds, owns and operates ultra-fast fill CNG stations for the US heavy trucking industry. They have been involved in several dairy related projects in the Midwest and Southwest. They currently are working with the dairy industry to reduce freight costs and environmental impact by developing renewable natural gas projects.


AMP Americas reports that not only did its RNG production facility at Fair Oaks Farms in Indiana received CARB’s first dairy waste-to-vehicle fuel pathway certification, it also earned a carbon intensity (CI) score of -254.94 gCO2e/MJ, which is by far the lowest score ever issued by CARB.


To put that in perspective, diesel registers +98, while traditional natural gas is only +79 and California electric is +35. When considering Fair Oaks’ CI score of -255, it makes trucks using its RNG far cleaner than electric.


AMP Americas’ first project at a dairy in Fair Oaks Indiana has been in action since 2011 and produces over 1.5 million gallons of 100 percent renewable transportation fuel from dairy waste every year. The project was also the first, and to-date only, U.S. EPA Renewable Fuel Standard-certified dairy waste-to-vehicle fuel project in the U.S. It is also the first of its kind in California’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard program.


AMP Americas’ Renewable Dairy Fuels (RDF) is investing heavily in dairy RNG projects and partnering with dairy farmers across the country. RDF’s investments will bring more ultra-low CI gas to market and will help solve major air quality and climate challenges. Construction is currently underway for the company’s second RNG project using dairy digester gas. RDF plans to more than double its dairy gas output by early 2018 and aims to deliver 100 percent RNG to all 20 of its fueling stations as it brings on future projects.

Comments added 10/25/2017

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