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Aeration Industries - Lagoon Aeration Equipment
Because Life Depends on Clean Water

Company Description:

Aeration Industries International, now Newterra, has the expertise and aeration equipment to provide a full range of wastewater treatment solutions to optimize municipal and industrial wastewater treatment applications; from process water supply to wastewater treatment, sludge management to produced water return. Newterra also offers customized pond designs to support oxygen dispersion for aquaculture farms. Newterra combines patented technologies with engineering expertise to develop complete and customized water treatment solutions.

Technology Description:

The Aire-O2® Aspirator Aerator produces a horizontal and circular flow pattern, providing whole basin circulation. Improve your wastewater treatment with higher removal rates of Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) and suspended solids.


The rotating propeller forces water outward horizontally past the end of the shaft at high velocity. This creates a vacuum drawing air down the shaft into the water. Above the water line, atmospheric air is drawn through intake ports and travels through the hollow drive shaft to be dispersed in a large plume throughout the water. Being diffused into fine bubbles, about 2.0 mm in diameter, the oxygen has extended contact time with the water. The size of the plume varies with the size of the aspirator/aerator which can be from 2 to 100 hp. Properly positioned, the Aire-O2 Aspirator Aerator units can create a “flow linkage” that delivers mixing and oxygen dispersion evenly and thoroughly throughout an entire basin regardless of its size or shape. Dead spots are eliminated.


Aeration Industries

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Technology Type

  • Aeration


  • Equipment Vendor


  • Other


  • Odor
  • GHG

Technology Strengths,Weaknesses and Critical Indicators


  • Primarily applicable to flush system after primary solids separation and within a region that has concerns regarding local odor emissions from long-term storage lagoons.
  • Capital costs for the mechanical surface aerators and their platforms/electrical connections are moderate.
  • Operating costs, even with limited aeration can be high due to high utility costs for continuous operation of energy intensive aerators.
  • Well-researched, understood and engineered system with multiple vendor platforms available across industries, including manure treatment.
  • Several types of aerators are available in the market that suit for dairy operations.
  • Specification requirements of aeration equipment and its installation depends on farm size, manure characteristics, and odor mitigation goals of that dairy farm.

Newtrient Comments/Opinions:

Newterra offers a complete line of aeration and mixing equipment to improve the quality of water and wastewater. Newterra has been unresponsive to Newtrient's multiple attempts to supplement or validate the information about this technology.

Comments added 03/06/2018

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