Elijah Smith


Elijah Smith

Environmental Project Analyst, Newtrient


Elijah Smith  is an Environmental Project Analyst at Newtrient. As such, he conducts industry research, financial analysis, and provides strategic communication among dairy farmers, waste management vendors, and the Newtrient team. Along with his research and outreach responsibilities, he works to optimize renewable energy production systems, support profitable farms sustainability, improve water quality, and analyze the marketable benefits created through sustainable farming practices.


Elijah grew up in Monticello, Illinois and went to school at Marquette University, where he earned his Bachelors of Science in Entrepreneurship. Throughout his undergrad career, Elijah worked as project manager of a blood diagnostics startup, as a research analyst of a small venture capital firm based out of Boston, Ma, and was one of six student ambassadors of Marquette’s first annual Dorm Fund.

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