Jamie Vander Molen


Jamie Vander Molen

Vice President, Sustainability Initiatives, Newtrient


Jamie Vander Molen is Vice President of Sustainability Initiatives for Newtrient, in this role Jamie is charged to communicate Newtrient’s message effectively internally and externally developing a strategy and leading implementation of the exciting work Newtrient is doing to its many stakeholders including DMI, dairy farmers, regulators, technology vendors, supply chain partners and all others.  


Prior to coming to Newtrient, Jamie was with Dairy Management Inc. where she has proven herself to be an effective communicator and educator.  Jamie has been instrumental in improving the digital and communication skills of many dairy farmers and other organizations who have in turn communicated the many positive aspects of our industry.  Jamie has been very involved in the social engagement strategy design and implementation, this has been a theme throughout her work with the dairy industry.

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