Creating Value for All

Newtrient creates value in responsible manure production and management

Technology acceleration

We advance manure-based management and product technologies regarding:

  • Energy production
  • Nutrient recovery
  • Value-added, nutrient-related technologies

Environmental asset trading

We bring partners together in both the public and private sectors for environmental asset trading opportunities.

Regulatory, legislative and risk management expertise

By selectively monitoring the legislative and regulatory nutrient recovery arena, we can provide strategic, regulatory and/or risk management guidance to our members, partners, and clients.

Connections and opportunities

We help farmers, technology providers, manure-based product developers and other stakeholders assess manure related challenges and opportunities.

Newtrient’s experts can sort through the maze of challenges and opportunities to deliver practical solutions and add value for all: For dairy farmers, we analyze your farm and develop recommendations customized for your goals and market. For energy, technology and product manufacturers, we connect you with the right dairy farmers and industry leaders to meet your needs.

Let’s Work Together