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Trident TNZ LLC – Titanium Membrane System

Rethink the Limits of Membrane Filtration

About the Company:

Trident TNZ LLC, formerly Trident Processes, LLC, is an integrated resource recovery company located in Washington State with proprietary technologies for processing livestock waste, wastewater and sludge. As an expert in integrated nutrient and bedding recovery applications in the agricultural sector, Trident provides its customers an award-winning technology that processes their waste streams into valuable components, creating cost savings and new revenue opportunities for the user. Trident offers fully integrated turn-key solutions, including consulting, process engineering, systems management, operation and maintenance. Other services include laboratory and analytical services, polymer supply, as well as remote monitoring and diagnostics.

At the 2016 EPA Nutrient Recycling Challenge Trident’s solution was selected as a Top 10 technology. In 2018, Trident Processes Inc. received the Canadian Business Excellence Award in recognition of their demonstrated achievement of their strategic plans and business goals.

About the Solution:

A Revolution In Filtration: The Titanium Membrane

Membrane filtration technologies are well established in industrial filtration processes. However, traditional membrane systems with polymeric hollow fiber or ceramic membranes come with draw-backs that present challenges to many operators: rapid fouling, declining flux rates, limited operating ranges (due to the impact of temperature, pH, corrosion or pressure), poor selectivity and high costs.

Trident Titanium Membrane Systems seek address all these concerns by taking advantage of the superior performance properties of titanium paired with the proven tubular cross flow design, ensure consistently high separation results. Regardless of how demanding the operating conditions might be; Trident Titanium Membrane System are designed to continuously deliver.

Trident TNZ LLC 446 Harrison Street, #81D Sumas, WA USA 1-800-799-3740 Visit Company Website

Solution Type

  • Clean Water Membrane Systems


  • Equipment Vendor


  • Concentrated Nutrients


  • Nitrogen
  • Phosphorous
  • Storage

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Solution Strengths, Weaknesses and Critical Indicators

Clean Water Membrane Systems can be used to reduce both suspended and dissolved solids depending on location specific requirements:

  • Can produce recycled dischargeable water (RO) and marketable products when paired with other technologies
  • Always produces two streams leaving system a stream retained and a stream that permeates the membrane.
  • Membranes of various size are often used together to achieve cleaner water: microfiltration or ultrafiltration membranes first followed by reverse osmosis membranes—each allowing various sized particles through the membrane
  • Reverse Osmosis membranes are required to remove salts and achieve water suitable for discharge
  • Depending on the membrane, effective pre-treatment to remove coarse, fibrous solids as well as fine suspended solids are important to system viability and reliability
  • Membrane failure and high pressure/energy costs can be a concern
  • Proven technology for nitrogen recovery, phosphorous recovery, and storage reduction

Newtrient Comments/Opinions:

Designed to handle harsh conditions, high solids, and to operate at low operating cost the Trident Titanium Membrane System represents an additional component to the Trident line. Trident has a reputation for well built equipment that works as promised and the introduction of this new component allows them to address one more problem that they have seen in the field, the need for reducing the water in the manure stream. At this time the Trident Titanium Membrane System does not have a 9-point score as Newtrient is not aware of any dairy installations.

Newtrient 9-Point Scoring Rating

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