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DVO’s patented Two Stage Linear VortexTM digesters process more industrial and farm wastes in North America than any other company, or design. Largely due to unparalleled performance: DVO’s Two Stage Linear VortexTM digester systems greatly reduce odors, are cost-effective, scalable, operate automatically and require low maintenance. DVO is the U.S.…
Scraped manure, or dewatered flush manure, is fed directly into an EYS Separator specially designed by DariTech to provide the ideal feedstock for the BeddingMaster, which is made up of manure solids at 35% dry matter. The separated solids are fed into the BeddingMaster by passing through the fixed opening…
As the costs for high quality bedding material have extremely risen in the last few years more and more innovative milk farms use bio bedding material. This is made of the undigested fibers (feed remains) of the slurry. The BRU concept (Bedding Recovery Unit) developed by FAN, a daughter of…
Regenis works with project developers on system solutions that best fit their specific needs, open to playing a diverse role within your project team from full EPC to consultation. Regenis is technology neutral, with experience across a multitude of vendor technologies and approaches. Regenis’ unique skills in both construction and…
The primary focus areas of EnSave’s solutions are supporting the selection of energy efficiency, solar PV, and manure management systems. Drawing on 25 years of industry knowledge and their reputation as a trusted third-party expert, EnSave provides farms with: Unbiased decision support and experienced project oversight Solicitation and evaluation of…
GEA pumps are used in a wide variety of applications to provide consistent, reliable performance in the transfer of manure and wastewater. With 60 years of experience in the manure and wastewater industry GEA has designed a pump for the needs of today’s operators. Ranging from PTO to vertical electric…
Sand-Manure Separators (SMS) produce a clean, recyclable product that can be used for bedding dairy cows, as well as producing a nearly sand-free manure effluent. An SMS is most often placed in a Sand Separation System for dairy producers who want to avoid the challenges traditionally associated with handling sand…
Trident’s proprietary bedding recovery system is specifically designed to recover and recycle the large coarse fibers from liquid livestock waste. The conditioning and coarse fiber separation is achieved with the Trident Rotary Screen. In the second step the Trident Screw Press is utilized to dewater the captured fiber. The result…
The Vanguard Renewables solves organic waste disposal challenges and supports the American Farmer. Their scalable, closed-loop anaerobic digestion process converts the energy potential in farm and food waste into Renewable Electricity or Renewable Natural Gas. They strive to be the premier farm-based anaerobic digestion plant owner/operator in the United States…
DVO’s Phosphorus Recovery (PR) step economically captures for re-use up to 95% of the phosphorus found in agricultural and industrial wastes – creating a nutrient-condensed, stackable solid product that can be sold and/or transported away from sensitive watersheds to land that really needs it. Significant amounts of nitrogen and micronutrients…
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Every dairy farmer’s nutrient management needs and business goals are unique. That’s why we have created this unique catalog to make it easier for dairy farmers to access information and make decisions regarding nutrient management specific to their operations and goals.
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Every technology is evaluated based on nine criteria developed by Newtrient’s Technology Advancement Team (TAT). The 9-Point Technology Score indicates the status and assists in tracking the progress of the technology.
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