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Roofs and Covers (367) A Roofs and Covers system consists of a rigid, semirigid, or flexible manufactured membrane, composite material, or roof structure placed over a waste management facility or an agrichemical handling facility. Practice Information The Roofs and Covers practice is a component of an agricultural waste management system.…
Waste Separation Facility (632) A solid/liquid waste separation facility is a filtration or screening device, settling tank, settling basin, or settling channel used to separate a portion of solids from a liquid waste stream. Practice Information This practice applies where solid/liquid separation will remove solids from the liquid waste stream…
Waste Storage Facility (313) A waste storage facility is an agricultural waste storage impoundment or containment made by constructing an embankment, excavating a pit or dugout, or by fabricating a structure. Practice Information The waste storage facility provides temporary storage of manure, agricultural by-products, wastewater, and/or contaminated runoff. The facility…
Waste Transfer (634) Waste Transfer is a system using structures, pipes, or other conduits installed to convey wastes or waste byproducts from an agricultural source to a storage facility, treatment facility, or land application site. Practice Information The purpose of the practice is to transfer animal waste, bedding material, spilled…
Conservation Crop Rotation (328) Conservation crop rotation is growing a planned sequence of various crops on the same piece of land for a variety of conservation purposes. Practice Information Crops included in conservation crop rotation include high-residue producing crops, such as corn or wheat, in rotation with low-residue producing crops,…
Cover Crop (340) Cover crop is growing a crop of grass, small grain, or legumes primarily for seasonal protection and soil improvement. Practice Information Cover and green manure crops are grown on land where seasonal or long-term benefits of a cover crop are needed. This practice is used to control…
Critical Area Planting (342) Critical area planting establishes permanent vegetation on sites that have, or are expected to have, high erosion rates, and on sites that have conditions that prevent the establishment of vegetation with normal practices. Practice Information Erosion control is the primary consideration for plant material selection. However,…
Fence (382) A constructed barrier to animals or people. Practice Information This practice is applied to any area where livestock and/or wildlife control is needed, or where access to people is to be regulated. A wide variety of fences exist, however, fencing material and construction quality is always designed and…
Forage Harvest Management (511) Forage harvest management includes timely cutting and removal of forages as hay, green-chop, or ensilage. Practice Information This practice applies to all land uses where forage is machine harvested. Forage is harvested at a frequency and height that optimizes the desired forage stand, plant community, and…
Pasture and Hay Planting (512) Pasture and hay planting is establishing adapted and compatible species, varieties, or cultivars of perennial herbaceous plants suitable for pasture or hay production. Practice Information This practice applies to all lands suitable for establishment of perennial species for pasture and hay production. This practice does…

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