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The concentration of live and feedstock at large production diary, poultry, fish, and other farming species results in the creations of wastewater that contains biological and toxic contaminants that are subject to increasing treatment requirements by governmental regulations. These farms lack access to municipal sewage systems requiring frequently ineffective on-site…
Agpro’s MV line of static screen separator units are designed to separate properly diluted and agitated liquid waste slurries delivered by pump. The top screen has split screen design to enhance cleanability. The bottom screen is bolted in. Stainless steel construction includes body, rear entry chamber and screens. All units…
Agpro’s Extractor line of separators are designed to mate with flush operations and provide separation of waste solids without the use of manure pumps, agitators, collection pits or towers. The unit comes with required motors and controls including an automatic on/off switch. Motor and gearbox are euro style rated for…
The Agpro stacking separator is designed to provide up to a 20’ stack of reclaimed solids when used in conjunction with Agpro’s Static Screen Separators. By utilizing this unit, tower height mounting of separators is reduced substantially. Additionally, the added length of separating components greatly enhances the overall dryness of…
Agpro’s HS-II Stainless Steel 36” wide Conveyor Separator has unibody construction with perforated screen. Motor and gearbox are Eurostyle with variable speed drive. The unit has integral spray bars under the screen to facilitate cleaning. Unit has inflow bypass and includes a dual roller combination with adjustable tension springs to…
Model KP Screw Press is a machine in which a screw of progressively reducing pitch rotates inside a cylindrical perforated screen. Material entering the hopper is subjected to gradually increasing pressure as it moves toward the exit end of the press, forcing the liquid phase to extrude through the screen.…
Peaks Renewables (Peaks) is working with six Maine-based, family-owned dairy farms to generate homegrown renewable natural gas. The Peaks facility is located at Flood Brother’s Farm in Clinton, Maine where the company broke ground early May of 2022. Once construction is completed, this facility is anticipated to produce approximately 130,000…
With their expertise in water, agricultural systems, organics recycling, data analysis, sustainability, and education Long Creek Resources can assist with a wide variety of projects. Examples include quantifying the water quality benefits of wetland restoration, designing & testing green stormwater infrastructure for enhanced phosphorus removal, performance testing of innovative manure…
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Every dairy farmer’s nutrient management needs and business goals are unique. That’s why we have created this unique catalog to make it easier for dairy farmers to access information and make decisions regarding nutrient management specific to their operations and goals.
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Every technology is evaluated based on nine criteria developed by Newtrient’s Technology Advancement Team (TAT). The 9-Point Technology Score indicates the status and assists in tracking the progress of the technology.
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