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A third profit center for dairies, a better world for all

Newtrient is turning a modern dairy farming headache into a new profit center.

Dairy farmers have long been skilled at maximizing the value of milk and meat produced on their farms. Whey, for example, once a cheese-making byproduct and an environmental burden, has been developed into a globally competitive product of significant value. Yet, for some, manure has remained a vexing problem, and ever increasing public and regulatory scrutiny drives the need for new practices, technologies and innovative products and services.

Newtrient helps dairy farmers strategically assess their goals — whether that’s primarily to solve a manure management challenge or to generate new revenue — to achieve maximum value from manure, along with that of meat and milk.

We conduct due diligence on scores of potentially beneficial technologies, practices and products from potting soil to electricity generation to create an honest assessment for each farmer, then link farmers to the best solution providers for their needs.

If processed properly, manure can bring many benefits. Manure is an excellent fertilizer containing nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium and other nutrients. It also adds organic matter to the soil which can improve soil structure, aeration and water-holding capabilities. The proper use of manure reduces our reliance on commercially mined fertilizers that often have to travel great distances. Ultimately, thoughtful manure use leads to healthier soils, increased yields, and improved economics.

Below is an excellent video produced by Washington State University that highlights two of the innovative ways that the dairy industry is working to address the environmental issues it is facing using new technologies that create usable products and reduce their costs.

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