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Newtrient is an innovative, collaborative entity, founded in 2015, to reduce the environmental footprint of U.S. dairy and make it economically viable to do so. Backed by a broad-based alliance of cooperatives and dairy organizations across the United States, Newtrient is uniquely positioned to drive significant change within the dairy industry. The team provides a broad scope of services, including sustainability assessments and planning, technical support, and facilitation of environmental markets to ensure a sustainable dairy industry.

Newtrient provides farm-specific recommendations on climate-smart practices, while also offering resources and expert guidance to implement these sustainable practices and technologies. Newtrient’s efforts also extend to optimizing supply chain operations to reduce scope 3 emissions, advocate for regulatory and legislative changes that can impact dairy, and evaluate innovative technologies, services, additives, and practices that minimize the environmental impact of dairy farming.

The team’s depth of expertise, commitment to education and outreach, and knack for bridging the gap between technology providers and farmers, places Newtrient in a unique position to secure and efficiently utilize grants and other funding sources. These funds aid us in further broadening impact, scaling solutions and driving tangible, lasting improvements across the dairy industry.

Newtrient creates value for dairy farmers through a comprehensive and tailored approach to sustainability that benefits both the environment and the farm’s bottom line.

  • Sustainability Assessment & Planning: By providing farm-specific assessments and recommendations on climate-smart practices, Newtrient helps farms plan for environmental reductions while accessing incentives and revenue streams. This enhances the overall sustainability and economic viability of dairy farms.
  • Technical Support & Innovation: Newtrient offers technical resources and expert guidance to assist farms in the implementation of sustainable practices and technologies. Experts evaluate cutting-edge technologies, services, additives, and practices that can further reduce the environmental impact of dairy farming.
  • Environmental Market Support: By fostering partnerships within public and private sectors, Newtrient opens up opportunities for carbon and water insetting. This creates additional revenue streams for farmers and increases the economic feasibility of sustainability initiatives.
  • Regulatory and Legislative: Newtrient’s expertise in monitoring and analyzing legislative and regulatory developments helps dairy farmers navigate the complexities of compliance. This ensures farmers are not just environmentally sustainable, but also resilient against potential legislative and regulatory risks.
  • Education and Outreach: Through educational resources and training, Newtrient helps farmers stay informed about the latest sustainable technologies, best practices, and markets. This keeps dairy farmers at the forefront of the industry and positions them favorably in the market.
  • Supply Chain Optimization: By working with dairy industry stakeholders to identify and reduce scope 3 emissions, Newtrient ensures the dairy supply chain operates more sustainably, reducing environmental impact while improving efficiencies and potential profits.

By integrating all these aspects, Newtrient transforms the way dairy farming is done, resulting in a more sustainable, efficient, and profitable industry for dairy farmers.

Newtrient’s services are designed to serve a broad range of stakeholders within the dairy industry, highlighting our commitment to fostering sustainability across the entire dairy value chain.

  • Dairy Farmers: Dairy farmers, regardless of the size of their operation, can greatly benefit from our services. From large-scale operations to small family-owned farms, we offer farm-specific sustainability assessments, technical support, and recommendations on financial incentives to help all dairy farmers improve their environmental footprint and profitability. Newtrient is here to help farmers navigate the challenges of sustainable practices, harness new technologies, and capitalize on emerging markets.
  • Cooperatives and Dairy Organizations: The strong network of cooperatives and dairy organizations across the United States serves as a testament to Newtrient’s collaborative approach. These members play an integral role in our mission, contributing to the dialogue and helping to accelerate the adoption of climate-smart practices.
  • Technology Providers: Newtrient works with technology providers, promoting and facilitating the use of innovative technologies that can reduce the environmental impact of dairy farming. This includes providers of digesters, manure management solutions, renewable energy technologies, and more. Newtrient offers an avenue for these providers to understand the unique needs of the dairy industry and help them tailor their solutions to meet these needs effectively.
  • Other Dairy Industry Stakeholders: Newtrient offers a platform for processors, retailers, industry professionals, policy makers, and research organizations who have a vested interest in a sustainable dairy industry to contribute towards the shared goal of a sustainable and economically viable dairy industry.
  • Public and Private Sectors: Newtrient also works with partners in both the public and private sectors for carbon and water insetting opportunities. This opens avenues for environmental markets and creates value in sustainable dairy practices.

No. While anaerobic digesters, which convert manure into renewable energy, are an important aspect of sustainable dairy farm management, they represent just one piece of the broad spectrum of technologies, practices, and initiatives Newtrient works with.

Newtrient’s focus extends well beyond digesters to encompass a comprehensive range of sustainability strategies across the dairy value chain. These include optimizing feed management, reducing enteric emissions, improving energy efficiency, and managing manure in innovative ways that go beyond energy production to encompass nutrient recovery and creation of value-added products.

Dairy Management Inc. (DMI), an integral member of Newtrient, is an organization funded by America’s dairy farmers and dairy importers, designed to increase sales and demand for dairy through research, education, and innovation.

The Dairy Checkoff Program plays a key role in Newtrient’s operations. Newtrient’s collaboration with DMI extends the impact of the checkoff by implementing programs focused on sustainable practices, environmental stewardship, and technological innovation within the dairy industry.

In this way, the dairy checkoff program’s involvement in Newtrient serves to accelerate the adoption of sustainable practices, advance technological development, improve consumer perception of the dairy industry, and create new opportunities for all dairy farmers.

Dairy producers play a vital role in the success and impact of Newtrient. They can assist in various ways, including:

  1. Sharing their experiences with energy and nutrient recovery projects on their farms, providing valuable insights into what works well and what could be improved.
  2. Volunteering to pilot and test potential technologies related to environmental challenges and opportunities, helping to refine and improve these solutions.
  3. Bringing to Newtrient’s attention any opportunities and challenges they encounter that could potentially further Newtrient’s goals and the industry’s environmental, social, and economic goals.
  4. Encouraging technology providers they have connections with to engage with Newtrient, fostering a beneficial exchange of information that aids us in effectively addressing the needs of the dairy industry.

At Newtrient, we believe that the foundation for sustainable practices in the dairy industry is built on knowledge sharing and informed decision-making. Here’s how Newtrient approaches this:

  1. Comprehensive Resources about the latest sustainable technologies, best practices, and markets that promote dairy sustainability. These resources are designed to help dairy farmers and stakeholders stay updated with the fast-evolving landscape of dairy sustainability.
  2. Events and Webinars for dairy farmers and industry stakeholders to learn from leading experts in the field, ask questions, and discuss practical solutions for sustainable dairy farming.
  3. Expert Guidance on sustainable practices, legislative developments, and other dairy sustainability-related topics. Newtrient also works closely with technology providers, helping them understand the unique needs of the dairy industry and encouraging them to develop innovative solutions.
  4. Collaborative Approach with dairy farmers, cooperatives, and other stakeholders within the dairy supply chain. Newtrient believes that the most effective learning happens through shared experiences and collective efforts towards a common goal.
  5. Advocacy for environmental stewardship in the dairy industry, raising awareness about the importance of sustainability and the role each stakeholder can play in promoting it.

Through these efforts, Newtrient aims to empower the dairy industry with the knowledge and skills necessary to reduce their environmental footprint.

Engaging with Newtrient is straightforward and we welcome the opportunity to connect. You can reach out to us through various channels:

  • Contact Us Page: Visit our ‘Contact Us’ page on our website and fill out the provided form. A member of our team will get back to you promptly.
  • Direct Email: You can also send us an email directly at [email protected]

We look forward to hearing from you, whether you have specific questions about Newtrient’s services, need assistance with sustainability solutions, or simply wish to learn more about the mission and work.