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Frequently asked questions about Newtrient

Newtrient helps all dairy farmers, technology providers and other stakeholders assess manure management opportunities and challenges to make informed decisions.

Newtrient creates value through:

  • Solution acceleration – Newtrient advances manure-based management and product technologies regarding:Energy production.
  • Nutrient recovery.
  • Value-added, manure-based products.
  • Environmental asset trading – Newtrient advances public and private environmental asset trading opportunities.
  • Regulatory, legislative and risk management expertise – Newtrient selectively provides regulatory, legislative and risk management expertise for manure-based opportunities and challenges.
  • Education and outreach – Newtrient helps dairy farmers, technology providers, manure-based product developers and other stakeholders assess manure-related opportunities and challenges.

Newtrient was created to help all dairy farmers preserve and enhance their social license to operate.

Newtrient’s services are available to all dairy farmers and dairy farms of all sizes.

No, Newtrient is interested in a variety of technologies, markets, products and practices to help dairy farmers manage the environmental footprint of their manure. Anaerobic digestion is just one of these technologies.

Newtrient has a strong network of leading milk cooperatives and dairy organization members across the United States. The following is a list of our current members:

• Agri-Mark

• Dairy Farmers of America

• Foremost Farms

• Michigan Milk Producers Association

• Prairie Farms

• Select Milk Producers, Inc.

• Southeast Milk

• Tillamook

• United Dairymen of Arizona

• National Milk Producers Federation

• Dairy Management Inc.

The USDA dairy checkoff program is involved with Newtrient in the following ways:

  • Dairy Sustainability Dairy Management Inc.’s (DMI’s) investment in Newtrient is an extension of its sustainability work plus its work with other companies, in this case co-ops, to combine work and accelerate learning and results. The technology development and testing Newtrient will undertake is the next evolution of DMI’s sustainability work.
  • Consumer Confidence Building consumer confidence is a primary goal for checkoff. More and more consumers look at environmental stewardship as a measure of their confidence in that product or company. Newtrient’s understanding of environmental stewardship technologies will help DMI, and thus all farmers, stay at the forefront of best management practices that protect the environment thereby meeting growing consumer need.
  • Opportunities for All Dairy Farmers The checkoff works to benefit ALL dairy farmers, so too does Newtrient. The services of the company are available to everyone. The technologies will help small, medium and large farms, the potential for new income streams as a result of using these technologies or other services is a possibility for all and, as one of the original investors, any return earned goes to checkoff, which by charter, represents all dairy farmers.

The following are just a few of the ways dairy producers can get involved with Newtrient:

  • Inform Newtrient about the energy and nutrient recovery projects already underway on their farms (e.g., What’s working well? What needs to be improved?).
  • Volunteer to help Newtrient investigate, pilot, and test potential technologies that relate to environmental challenges and opportunities.
  • Contact Newtrient with opportunities and challenges that might help Newtrient’s, and thus the industry’s, environmental, social, and economic goals.
  • Encourage technology providers they know or hear about to contact Newtrient so Newtrient can help them better understand the needs of the industry they are trying to serve.