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Advancing Dairy Sustainability

Explore the transformative impact of Newtrient’s dedication to enhancing sustainability on dairy farms and businesses.

U.S. dairy farmers are leaders in environmental stewardship and committed to addressing climate change and water quality to improve the resources on their farms and ensure future generations can carry on the important work of feeding the nation and the world. Though dairy farms are responsible for only about 2% of total U.S. greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, the impact of emissions on climate change has generated an opportunity for U.S. dairy to lead in addressing reductions.

With a clear vision of opportunity, the U.S. Dairy Net Zero Initiative (NZI) was launched in 2020 to pave the way for achieving the U.S. dairy industry’s voluntary environmental goals by 2050. These goals encompass collective efforts towards greenhouse gas neutrality, optimizing water usage, and enhancing water quality through optimized utilization of manure and nutrients. Newtrient is committed to helping the dairy industry deliver on its goals by providing farmers with the necessary resources to adopt climate-smart practices and innovative solutions on their farms, thereby reducing dairy’s environmental footprint.

Newtrient’s Impact

Sustainable Farm Projects

Explore the Sustainable Farm Projects page to learn more about how Newtrient assesses the environmental impact of dairy farms. Newtrient tailors farm-specific plans and recommends economically viable, climate-smart practices, enabling farms to plan for environmental improvements while accessing incentives and revenue streams.

Grant-Funded Projects

Visit the Grant-Funded Projects page to see how Newtrient collaborates with diverse funding organizations. Discover the grants Newtrient has secured to advance sustainability in the dairy industry through the research and evaluation of innovative solutions.

Mapping Newtrient’s Impact

Newtrient operates nationwide, uniting industry stakeholders, academia, on-farm advisors, and dairy farms of all sizes, to deliver credible and innovative solutions for enhancing dairy sustainability. Icons on the map below represent where at least one on-farm assessment, technology evaluation, and/or research project was conducted.