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Bridging Dairy Industry Gaps

Building on the daily efforts of dairy farmers to care for their land, the dairy industry has set ambitious environmental goals to build a more sustainable value chain. With roughly 80% of the U.S. dairy value chain’s carbon footprint traced back to the farm, dairy farms are well positioned to voluntarily adopt climate-smart practices given incentives to undertake risks and big investment costs.

Newtrient has conducted farm assessments and provided climate-smart recommendations in various regions across the U.S., collaborating with a range of industry stakeholders and dairies of all types and sizes. Since 2022, Newtrient has successfully conducted 37 farm assessments, encompassing a substantial 64,245 acres, and 148,069 total cows.

A Standardized Approach to Farm Assessments

Newtrient has developed a comprehensive, cost-effective, and farm-specific assessment to expand options for farms of all sizes and regions to access incentives, starting with:

Farm-Specific Assessments: A comprehensive greenhouse gas (GHG) baseline assessment of the dairy farm’s current operations, which includes evaluating existing practices and technologies. Newtrient’s assessments focus on reducing the farm’s total GHG footprint. This encompasses practices related to emissions sourcing from feed production, milk production, manure management, and energy usage.

Technical Assistance & Expert Recommendations: Newtrient customizes farm-specific plans, offering economically viable recommendations on climate-smart practices designed to reduce GHG footprints.