Technology Catalog FAQs

Frequently asked questions about Newtrient

The purpose of this catalog is to provide all dairy farmers with information regarding technologies that meet their farm’s unique needs for manure and nutrient management and their own unique business goals.

Anyone logging into the catalog section of the Newtrient web site can access the catalog by entering their name and email.

  • Information is pulled directly from the vendor’s web site.
  • Through personal interviews with the vendor’s personnel.
  • Vendors have been asked to review the information prior to it going live on the website.
  • Case studies are drafted based on interviews and/or site visits with farmers and technology providers.

Send your contact information to [email protected]

A vendor has not yet shared that information with Newtrient.

The Newtrient Technology Scoring System (TSS) is designed to help all dairy farmers assess manure-related technologies and the markets available for manure-based products specific to their dairy farm.

Here is how it works:

  • Every technology has the potential to earn a total of nine points with one point earned for each of the criterion noted below.
  • Each criterion is individually assessed by the Newtrient Technology Advancement Team (TAT). Newtrient TAT members with potential conflicts of interest are recused from the process.
  • A preliminary score determined by the TAT is shared with the technology vendor so they have 30 days to address any gaps prior to the score going live on the Newtrient web site.
  • Once a score goes live, the technology vendor can provide additional information to the Newtrient TAT at any point in time for review and adjustments to their respective score.

Commercial Viability

  1. OPERATIONAL HISTORY – The technology is currently operational on at least three North American dairy farms.
  2. OPERATIONAL RELIABILITY -This technology has a record of reliable performance of more than 12 months at each of at least three farms.
  3. MARKET PENETRATION – This technology has been installed on at least 10 North American dairy farms.

Economic Transparency

  1. CAPITAL COST – Installed capital costs are clearly defined and understood by the Newtrient Technology Advancement Team.
  2. OPERATIONS AND MAINTENANCE COST – Actual operations and maintenance costs are clearly defined and understood by the Newtrient Technology Advancement Team.
  3. VALUE PROPOSITION – The technology or the products it makes, delivers to the farm identifiable economic, environmental, or community value (e.g. reduced cost, increased income, reduced odor, improved nutrient use, etc.).

Industry Value/Reviews

  1. VENDOR INFORMATION SHARING – Completed and verified Newtrient Business and Technology Information Requests have been submitted to Newtrient by the vendor.
  2. CASE STUDY – A case study demonstrating the performance claimed by the vendor was completed by the Newtrient Technology Advancement Team.
  3. CUSTOMER REVIEWS – At least three reviews from North American dairy farmers providing a score of at least 7 when asked how likely is it they would recommend this technology to a colleague? 10 = Extremely Likely.

Newtrient is a cooperative funded organization that supports all dairymen. If you have questions, please call. If Newtrient adds value to your operation, encourage your cooperative to participate and support Newtrient by becoming a member cooperative.