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Aerator Solutions – Blue Frog® Hybrid Aerator

For the Worlds Wastewater™

About the Company:

A leader in aeration technology. Aerator Solutions is a provider of top quality aerators and mixers for industrial, municipal and agricultural wastewater treatment operations. Known the world over for their history of effective technology, they believe it all begins with the aerator design.

Their original aerator, which is now known as the EcoJet™ aerator, was developed and introduced in 1963. Throughout the past fifty years, competitors have copied this technology, but have never duplicated or surpassed its effective productivity.

Recognized worldwide for service and expertise in wastewater treatment, Aerator Solutions is the sought-out resource for agricultural, industrial and municipal wastewater treatment equipment expertise. They assist in design, planning, and implementation of their products to meet your process requirements.

About the Solution:

The Blue Frog® System Technology represents a paradigm shift in wastewater treatment strategies. It is an innovative, affordable, sustainable solution designed to meet wastewater treatment lagoon discharge standards at a significantly lower investment cost. It prolongs the life of the lagoon by restoring it back to its original design capacity.

The Blue Frog® is the system’s base circulator. It is a hybrid aerator that functions as both a mixer and passive aerator that moves water laterally through the water column, creating an entirely unique treatment process.

The key to Blue Frog® is its engineered flow pattern:

  • System selects for fast settling granular sludge.
  • Granules are fed constantly, increasing productivity.
  • Solids accumulation is eliminated.
  • BOD, TSS & Odors reduced.

  • Blue Frog® can be a stand-alone system or one that works in combination with other technologies to digest sludge and reduce BOD & TSS; reducing or eliminating sludge handling costs.

    Blue Frog’s® modular design uses energy-efficient 3 Horsepower motors specifically designed for our engineered system. The reduced energy consumption saves lagoon owners thousands of dollars a year on power costs. The motors are supported with a twelve-month warranty.

    Blue Frog® Key Benefits:

  • Effective
  • Economical
  • Easy to install, operate, and maintain
  • Energy-efficient
  • Environmentally-sustainable
  • Engineered float depth of 4 feet.

  • Aerator Solutions 11765 N Main St. Roscoe, IL USA (815) 770-5031 Visit Company Website

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    Solution Strengths, Weaknesses and Critical Indicators


    • Primarily applicable for flush system followed by primary solids separation and within a region that has concerns regarding local odor emissions from long-term storage lagoons.
    • Capital costs for the mechanical surface aerators and their platforms/electrical connections are moderate.
    • Operating costs, even with limited aeration can be high due to high utility costs for continuous operation of energy intensive aerators.
    • Well-researched, understood and engineered system with multiple vendor platforms available across industries, including manure treatment.
    • Several types of aerators are available in the market that are suited for dairy operations.
    • Specification requirements of aeration equipment and its installation depend on farm size, manure characteristics, and odor mitigation goals of that dairy farm.

    Newtrient Comments/Opinions:

    Newtrient is currently working with Aerator Solutions to understand their technology and to help them understand the best fit for their technology in the dairy industry.

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