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About the Company:

Brightmark’s mission is to create a world without waste.

In order to achieve this mission they operate on the following values:

Trust – Principled employees with the courage to always act with integrity.
Positivity – An environment that thrives on a positive approach to work while executing with a sense of urgency.
Safety – World class systems to ensure uncompromising safety, quality and operational excellence.
Value – A fully engaged team that is driven by discipline and accountability.
Diversity & Inclusion – A nurturing culture that values diverse ideas, traditions, heritages, and experiences.
Resourceful – A resourceful mindset that leverages relationships and means to maximize value and output.

By applying these values they hope to achieve the goals of offsetting 22 million metric tons of CO2 by 2024 with our renewable natural gas projects and diverting 8.4 million metric tons of plastic from landfills or the environment by 2024.

About the Solution:

Brightmark's anaerobic digestion projects include vital partnerships with farmers, wastewater treatment plants, and other feedstock suppliers in order to transform farm cost centers to profits centers, while improving local air and water quality.

Brightmark provides design, construction, operations and maintenance support for the digesters, as well as construction of gas pipelines and utility interconnects where needed.

Brightmark is involved in several different types of projects with dairies, including working with existing operations to convert them to RNG, taking over existing assets and "green field" construction projects.

BRIGHTMARK 1725 Montgomery St FL 3 San Francisco, CA United States (415) 689-8395 Visit Company Website

Solution Type

  • Services


  • Project Developer


  • Energy


  • GHG
  • Nitrogen
  • Odor
  • Pathogens
  • Phosphorous
  • Storage

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Solution Strengths, Weaknesses and Critical Indicators

Consultants, Developers & Service Providers:  

  • Can be an integral part of a project team
  • Generally used to provide specific expertise or to reduce the responsibility or risk
  • Most projects have at least some Consultants, Developers and Service Providers
  • Consultants are generally hired to oversee or advise in a specific area of expertise
  • Developers usually are responsible for the entire project
  • Service Providers typically provide services in a particular area of expertise
  • No Consultant, Developer or Service Provider can make a bad project successful


Newtrient Comments/Opinions:

Brightmark currently lists several major dairy related projects that include 20 dairies in 6 states:

The Augean Project in Yakima County, Washington, converts 150,000 gallons per day of dairy waste from up to 7,000 cows into 160,000 MMBtu of renewable natural gas. The project includes the construction of new pipeline infrastructure that sets the table for renewable natural gas projects at other dairies in the area.

The Castor Project in Western Michigan, includes three dairy farms that have each signed supply agreements with Brightmark indicating their intent to provide the company with dairy manure from their herds that will serve as feedstock for new anaerobic digesters to be built on Beaver Creek Farm. The digesters will capture, extract, and clean the methane in the manure, then convert it into renewable natural gas (RNG) and inject it into a nearby gas pipeline. Once the Castor project is fully operational in early 2022, it is anticipated to produce about 328,500 MMBtu of RNG each year, making this Brightmark’s largest RNG project to date.

The Demeter Project near Madison, Wisconsin will convert 90,000 gallons per day of dairy waste from three local farms into biogas and other useful products.

The Yellowjacket Project includes four anaerobic digesters at dairy farms in upstate New York that will convert 265,000 gallons per day of dairy waste from 15,000 dairy cows at five area farms into 260,000 MMBtu of RNG each year.

Brightmark is partnering with Florida’s Larson dairy family farms to build and operate three anaerobic digesters that will convert a total of 230,000 tons of dairy manure per year from 9,900 cows into renewable natural gas. Brightmark will develop, own, and operate the project.

The Athena renewable natural gas (RNG) Project will include the construction of new anaerobic digesters on three Minnehaha County farms. The project is anticipated to produce 217,000 MMBtu of renewable natural gas each year. Brightmark is developing the project, and the company will also own and operate it upon completion.

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