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CharTech Solutions – Pyrolysis

a subsidiary of CHAR Technologies Ltd.

Company Description:

Established in 1986 as Altech Technology Systems, CharTech Solutions is a Toronto-based Cleantech company committed to developing and deploying cost-effective, environmentally-sustainable products and solutions to solve environmental and energy challenges, while delivering measurable value to their clients.

CharTech Solutions is continually challenging the boundaries of technology to discover innovative, customized solutions in areas such as pollution prevention, waste minimization and water recycling.

CharTech Solutions ultimate goal is to create innovations that significantly improve the environment and save money for their clients.

Technology Description:

CharTech Solutions is a leading technology provider for the growing biogas industry, providing cutting-edge products and solutions to treat the by-products of the biogas process including hydrogen sulfide, liquid digestate, and solid digestate.

For digestate management, CHAR’s pyrolysis system converts digestate into two renewable and valuable outputs; energy and various BioCHAR/biocarbon products. CHAR develops unique BioCHAR/biocarbon products from different feedstocks including SulfaCHAR from digestate, a zero-waste adsorption media solution. In addition, CHAR’s pyrolysis system generates pyrolysis syngas. A small amount of syngas is used to power the CHAR system which reduces the need for other forms of energy, and the excess gas is used to generate renewable energy and offset the facilities’ parasitic load. CHAR’s turnkey pyrolysis process ensures there is a consistent and optimal solution to effectively manage digestate, reducing the environmental impacts of trucking and land application, while generating value through BioCHAR/biocarbon and energy generation.

To effectively treat Hydrogen Sulfide and upgrade biogas to RNG, CharTech specializes in engineering turnkey technology solutions for a wide array of projects. They design customized adsorption media vessel systems for biogas operations, including the supply of adsorption media when needed. These systems effectively treat H2S at varying levels of oxygen, pressure, and temperature. CharTech Solutions also delivers a wet caustic scrubber technology, which offers a small footprint, high efficiency, and high reliability with an adjustable throat to accommodate varying gas flows. Featuring a simple and compact design, CharTech’s scrubber technology is easy to control and maintain, providing a reliable, cost effective H2S solution for landfill gas, biogas and other manufacturing operations.

Finally, CharTech Solutions integrates water treatment technologies including solid/liquid separation, biological treatment, and reverse osmosis to allow RNG projects to safely treat effluent for discharge to the environment, and/or reuse wastewater as part of a closed loop for internal processes.

CharTech Solutions 403 - 789 Don Mills Rd. Toronto, ON Canada (416) 467-5555 Visit Company Website

Technology Type

  • Pyrolysis


  • Equipment Vendor
  • Service Provider


  • Concentrated Nutrients
  • Energy
  • Services


  • GHG
  • Odor
  • Pathogens
  • Phosphorous
  • Storage

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Technology Strengths, Weaknesses and Critical Indicators


  • May produce a soil amendment in the form of biochar or ash
  • Biochar does not yet have an established, stable commercial market
  • There is significant variation in energy use and recovery depending on feedstock
  • There is significant variation of operational intensity by site and by technology, many technologies require pairing with other technologies to offer a comprehensive manure management solution
  • There is significant variation of cost depending on site and by technology
  • Proven technology for phosphorous recovery, storage reduction, GHG reduction, odor control and pathogen reduction
  • This technology loses nitrogen to the atmosphere

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