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Ecostrat – Biomass Feedstock

5 million tons of biomass. 20 years of experience. 3 integrated groups.

About the Company:

Ecostrat is composed of three integrated groups: Biomass, Log Export & Consulting. We are premier suppliers of wood fiber feedstock worldwide and recognized experts in mitigating biomass supply chain risk.

Ecostrat’s vision is to increase the rate of adoption of bio-energy and biofuels across North America and the world. Ecostrat will do this by:

Constantly updating Ecostrat’s Biomass Supply Network® to ensure that it is always the largest and most comprehensive knowledge base of “Project Available” feedstock supply in North America.

Supplying the highest quality biomass feedstocks, under long-term fixed-price contracts anywhere in the world.

Developing the best-of-kind analytical tools to developers, owners and commercial lenders to better manage and mitigate feedstock risk.

Ecostrat’s future depends on helping Ecostrat’s customers achieve success. Ecostrat is proactive and easy to do business with. Ecostrat offer’s expert knowledge and practical solutions, and Ecostrat delivers on our promises.

About the Solution:

Sourcing organic feedstocks can be a long and complex process. Ecostrat's Biomass Supply Network is one of the largest proprietary network of feedstock supply for biogas and anaerobic digestion in the country with thousands of qualified sources of supply. Their team uses this network to consolidate sources of organic feedstock supply quickly and efficiently. They aggregate feedstock supply for bioenergy companies on a transparent cost plus basis anywhere in North America.

They also provide supply information to companies that need to develop a supply chain for organic feedstock, independent third party verification of organic feedstock supply chains for developers and due diligence assessments for lenders when projects are in the funding stage.

Ecostrat 60 St Clair Ave. E Suite 404 Toronto, ON Canada +1 416.968.8884 Visit Company Website

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Solution Strengths, Weaknesses and Critical Indicators

Consultants, Developers & Service Providers:  

  • Can be an integral part of a project team
  • Generally used to provide specific expertise or to reduce the responsibility or risk
  • Most projects have at least some Consultants, Developers and Service Providers
  • Consultants are generally hired to oversee or advise in a specific area of expertise
  • Developers usually are responsible for the entire project
  • Service Providers typically provide services in a particular area of expertise
  • No Consultant, Developer or Service Provider can make a bad project successful


Newtrient Comments/Opinions:

Ecostrat has not been evaluated using Newtrient's 9-point scoring process because, although their process appears to be suited for use with dairy manure digesters, Newtrient is not aware of any current projects that they are doing with a dairy digester.

Newtrient will continue to work with Ecostrat to further refine the cost and performance information as more information comes in with commercial dairy projects.

Newtrient 9-Point Scoring Rating

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