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GEA Houle – Vertical Dewaterer

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About the Company:

GEA is a worldwide leader in milking, manure, and livestock housing equipment solutions.  They are dedicated to saving producers time, labor and money through increased efficiency, management assistance information and leading-edge technology.  As an integrated group, GEA strives to meet the needs of all farm sizes and management styles, enabling maximum profitability and opportunities for future growth.

About the Solution:

The vertical dewatered is the first step in manure dewatering utilizing low electrical horsepower.

The Vertical Dewaterer can be used with manure coming either from a scraped manure system or from a digester to supply wet fiber with a consistent level of 83% - 82% of moisture to the XPress.

Key features include:

  • No contact wear between auger and screen;
  • No pressure on screen. The dewatering happens by gravity through the slots of the screen;
  • The auger is reversible which doubles its lifetime;
  • The back side of the screen is readily accessible for cleaning without having to dismantle the Dewaterer.

    Reliable and efficient, the Vertical Dewaterer is what you need to process a high volume of manure.

  • GEA Houle 1385 N Weber Rd Romeoville, IL USA +1 630 303 4703 Visit Company Website

    Solution Type

    • Screw Press


    • Equipment Vendor


    • Other


    • GHG
    • Nitrogen
    • Odor
    • Phosphorous
    • Storage

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    Solution Strengths, Weaknesses and Critical Indicators

    Screw press technologies:

    • Produces fiber for bedding, soil amendment and compost
    •  Used extensively on dairies across the country to reduce concerns associated with storage and application
    • Do not significantly reduce nutrients from the manure stream
    • Can utilize many types of technology like slope screen, screw press, rotary drum and others
    • Used before many other technologies to remove coarse solids
    • Minimal maintenance and operator time required
    • Proven technology for nitrogen recovery, phosphorous recovery, storage reduction, GHG reduction, and odor control but with limited impact in all cases

    Newtrient Comments/Opinions:

    GEA is a worldwide manufacturer and supplier of reliable manure treatment equipment, with hundreds of Vertical Dewaterer separators installed  and operating successfully on dairy farms around the U.S.  The Vertical Dewaterer is best suited for processing high volumes scraped or digested dairy manure for bulk solids removal.  Removal of sand bedding is recommended prior to solid-liquid separation using the Vertical Dewaterer.  Fiber removed with the Vertical Dewaterer will have a high moisture content, to create dryer solids the Dewaterer may need to be paired with the Xpress Cascading Roller System or a comparable press.

    GEA Houle has worked with Newtrient to to refine the cost and performance information in detail. This information can be found by opening the Equipment Insights document located on this page.

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