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Guild Associates Inc. – Biogas and Digester Gas Upgrading

About the Company:

Guild is a collection of top scientists, engineers, and production personnel able to field difficult problems and deliver product on time and budget. Working in an organic, team environment, Guild brings to bear years of experience in technology innovation, system integration and product delivery.

Innovation: Guild’s history in innovation stems from its founding in 1981 on with DESAT grant (precursor to the SBIR Program). Since then, Guild has successfully delivered on 17 Phase I and 7 Phase II SBIRs many of which have progressed into commercial offerings.

Integration: One of Guild’s core competencies includes adapting available technology into complicated engineered systems. Guild has extensive experience transitioning research into product and managing subcontractors to increase speed to market and technical expertise.

Delivery: Guild takes delivery challenges seriously. Guild has an impressive record of delivering projects and products on time and on budget.

About the Solution:

The Guild Associates approach is to use the Molecular Gate advantage in a single step process. The process flow is simple: They compress the gas to 100 psig, remove the bulk of the moisture using a cooling process, reheating the resulting gas with waste heat from the compressor, remove moisture, CO2, siloxanes, H2S and VOCs in a Molecular Gate Pressure Swing Adsorption system and deliver the resulting product gas to the local grid at 90 psig.

This simple-to-operate technology has been installed at wastewater treatment plants and commercial digesters. The technology offers the benefits of:

  • Single step removal of impurities
  • All media is regenerated – no need for replacement
  • H2S completely removed from any level up to 11,000 PPM
  • Siloxanes removed to non-detect levels
  • Dehydration to CNG requirements without a separate dryer required
  • No chillers required
  • Dry system operation, with no waste product other than condensed water from compression
  • Operation and maintenance is much simpler with Automatic start-up and shutdown at a push of a button and automatic product purity control without operator attention

  • This is Biogas Upgrading Made Easy!

    Guild Associates, Inc. 5750 Shier Rings Road, Dublin, , Ohio United States 614-798-8215 Visit Company Website

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