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IEC Covers – Storage Tank Covers

About the Company:

Industrial & Environmental Concepts, Inc., (IEC), is widely recognized as the worldwide leader in the design, fabrication, and installation of industrial cover and liner systems. Incorporated in 1993, IEC has established itself as the industry leader in the modular and insulated cover market. 

About the Solution:

Recently introduced IEC Flexible Clarifier Cover can be used on manure storage tanks and tanks of all sizes. The cover is constructed of industrial grade. U.V. protected geomembrane with anticipated service life of 15-20 years, offered in grey or green colors. Each cover is custom designed for local wind, rain and snowfall conditions.

A stainless steel tensioning system distributes the load evenly around the tanks circumference. If large equipment needs to be installed or removed, the cover can be disassembled and removed in approximately a ½ day.

This flexible cover is ideal for engineers and operators searching for an affordable, long-term cover solution.

IEC’s Manure Storage Covers are:

  • A fraction of the weight of conventional hard dome covers.
  • Versatile, giving operators the option for windows, pipes and venting.
  • Custom-designed for you with numerous options available, including viewing windows, sampling ports, and a multitude access designs.
  • Anchored with industrial rated stainless steel ratchets and stainless steel hardware that is simple and efficient.
  • Extremely durable, with a projected 15+ year service life with virtually no maintenance.
  • Easily removed if large equipment needs to be installed or removed.
  • A great solution for manure storage tanks or any tank that rainwater, temperature loss or odors need to be managed.
  • Offered with gas-tight and semi gas-tight options

IEC Covers 21390 Heywood Ave. Lakeville, MN USA 952-829-0731 Visit Company Website

Solution Type

  • General Support and Other


  • Equipment Vendor


  • Other


  • GHG
  • Odor

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Solution Strengths, Weaknesses and Critical Indicators

NOTE: There are multiple technologies that are used as part of integrated manure management systems and yet are not manure management types on their own. The impact of these technologies on their own would be minimal or very difficult to quantify.

General Support & Other:

  • Can be an integral part of many manure management systems
  • Most projects have at least some equipment that supports operations of the main technology
  • This technology is not evaluated on its own, the NEAT Matrix for this technology is neutral unless utilized with other technologies.

Newtrient Comments/Opinions:

Liquid Storage Technologies:

  • Produces no salable product in most instances
  • Can be used with other technologies to form complete systems
  • May be aerobic (open top) or anaerobic (sealed top)
  • Includes unlined lagoons, lined lagoons, concrete tanks, bolted steel tanks
  • Can represent a safety hazard on farm from drowning, asphyxiation and poison gas accumulation depending on structure and location
Industrial & Environmental Concepts, Inc. (IEC) has worked throughout North America with hog and dairy producers and are best known for custom geomembrane Floating Cover and Lining solutions. Their tank covers offer a method of covering manure storage tanks in areas that are sensitive to odor or where it is desirable to keep out rainwater.

Established in 1993, IEC has an extensive installation list with over 1,300 covers and liners.  They pride themselves on the diversity of their expertise and designs, coupled with excellent “after-the-sale” service.   They manage every project in-house and are equipped to deal with the most intricate technical details and logistical challenges for domestic and international clients.

IEC owns their own fabrication facility which enables them to meet the budget and timing objectives of the producer.They also have a fully equipped and trained technical staff and a fleet of service vehicles and equipment that enables them to provide support 24/7 to clients.

IEC's focus is on exceeding customer expectations by providing the most effective designs and using only the highest quality materials available.   They are committed to delivering the best technical solution and workmanship to every customer - every time.

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