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Methalac – Anaerobic Digester Developer

About the Company:

Methalac, a French family-owned company, has been an expert in the design, construction, maintenance, and biological monitoring of agricultural biogas units for 10 years. Methalac lists over 50 biogas units in operation and builds about 12 new units per year throughout France and internationally.

About the Solution:

Methalac approaches building anaerobic digesters as a multi-phase process. They view each of these stages as key, and each as important as the others.

The first phase lays the groundwork through a pre-diagnosis, a feasibility study, an economic study, and then helping you complete the necessary administrative procedures for the project.

Methalac will then design a biogas unit to match your needs and a project manager will be assigned to you to ensure successful implementation of your project.

The assembly of the installations, like the steps that precede it, is a key element in the implementation of your project. Methalac make it a point of honor to respect the schedules and deadlines programmed as well as the respect of financial commitments (budget/costs).

The commissioning of your biogas plant is the last big step, Methalac offers you start-up support as well as quality training of the people who will manage the unit. During this training, you will learn about the technical management of your unit, the management of materials, the biological monitoring, and the maintenance of your unit. They will also give you information on the regulations and the objectives of a biogas plant.

Finally, Methalac will follow-up until the contractual increase in load of your installation and a test of performances is carried out to ensure you of the technical capacities of your installation. Methalac will guide you through the management and the optimization of your unit until it is functioning to your expectations.

Methalac 108 avenue du Lac Léman. batiment Andromède, 1er étage 73370 Le Bourget du Lac FRANCE +33 4 58 82 82 82 Visit Company Website

Solution Type


  • Project Developer


  • Energy


  • GHG
  • Odor
  • Pathogens

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Newtrient Comments/Opinions:

Methalac has recently been added to the Newtrient catalog. Newtrient will continue to work with Methalac to further refine the cost and performance information on their solution. Newtrient will update this entry as more information becomes available and as new commercial dairy installations come online.

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