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About the Company:

New Sky Energy is an award-¬winning clean chemistry company based in Niwot Colorado. Their technologies focus on removal of hydrogen sulfide and CO2 from gas streams. New Sky designs, develops, and works with industrial partners to manufacture SulfurSolve® equipment and chemicals to desulfurize dairy, municipal, landfill and industrial gas streams. New Sky and its partners install and operate commercial scale SulfurSolve® systems at dairy and industrial biogas projects in the U.S. and plan to expand operations in Canada and the E.U. in the future.

About the Solution:

New Sky Energy believes that their SulfurSolve® process is by far the most sustainable and cost effective way to remove hydrogen sulfide from biogas streams. The SulfurSolve® system uses a non-toxic, alkaline ferric iron solution to capture and convert H2S into elemental sulfur. The hydrogen sulfide capture is instantaneous and complete, removing over 99.9% of H2S in a single pass through a spray system. SulfurSolve® is regenerated in situ simply by blowing air through the spent solution, which converts captured sulfide into elemental sulfur and regenerates the SulfurSolve® solution for immediate reuse. Sulfur in the regeneration system floats and spills over a weir to a pressure filtration system that produces a damp dry sulfur cake suitable for land application with digester solids.

According to New Sky, SulfurSolve® can be reused indefinitely, significantly reducing chemical purchasing and waste disposal costs relative to conventional single use scavengers or liquid redox technologies. The ferric iron-carbonate complex in SulfurSolve® is inherently soluble in its alkaline buffer, not requiring high levels of expensive, easily degraded chelating agents like some similar liquid redox technologies.

Commercial scale SulfurSolve® systems are currently removing H2S to levels below 1 ppm in a single pass through a spray column system. By avoiding physical packing in scrubber columns SulfurSolve® eliminates sulfur scaling, a common problem in most H2S capture technologies. This is possible due to the rapid, direct reaction between the ferric iron complex and H2S, forming iron sulfide, which is then converted to sulfur during regeneration. Competing liquid redox technologies that require chelating agents to solubilize iron rely on slower, less efficient and indirect reaction pathways. New Sky believes that SulfurSolve®'s regenerable, direct reaction pathway differs from all known H2S control technologies and makes SulfurSolve® the most cost effective and sustainable way to treat H2S in raw biogas streams.

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Solution Strengths, Weaknesses and Critical Indicators

Anaerobic Digester Associated Technology:

NOTE: There are several technology types that are used as part of an integrated manure management system that includes an anaerobic digester and are not applicable to manure management in other cases. The impact of these technologies on the critical indicators are represented as those of an entire anaerobic digester system.


  • Long usable life and can be run reliably
  • Creates energy and generates environmental credits
  • Requires proper preparation of the feedstock
  • Requires other technologies for energy utilization
  • Requires other technologies for digestate handling
  • Proper feeding & system monitoring is required to avoid system downtime
  • Proven technology for odor control, GHG reduction and pathogen reduction

Newtrient Comments/Opinions:

Newtrient is currently working to evaluate the New Sky SulferCycle technology in order to provide a 9-point score. Newtrient is aware of three current dairy based projects that are using this technology to remove hydrogen sulfide and is working to get additional information related to this technology and these projects.

Newtrient 9-Point Scoring Rating

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