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Ostara Nutrient Recovery – Struvite Crystallization

Better World. Better Future.

About the Company:

Vancouver-based Ostara helps protect valuable food and water resources by changing the way cities and industries around the world manage essential nutrients.

Ostara’s proprietary Pearl technology recovers nutrients from industrial, agricultural, and municipal water treatment streams, transforming them into granular fertilizers that improve crop yields and reduce runoff. We are transforming the commodity market value chain and closing the loop on phosphorus for future generations.

About the Solution:

Ostara states that they are the world’s leader in nutrient recovery, delivering complete solutions for cities, farms and industries. Ostara’s proprietary Pearl® and WASSTRIP® technologies solve nutrient management challenges by recovering phosphorus and nitrogen to create an environmentally responsible fertilizer Crystal Green®.


  • cost-effectively solve operational challenges
  • efficiently recover renewable phosphorus for a fully managed, guaranteed revenue stream
  • conserve and protect natural resources

  • Animal manure is a valuable source of nutrients and renewable energy, but can lead to nutrient buildup in soil when land applied, running off into local waterways.  Manure management can also cause costly operational issues, not to mention digestate handling and regulatory challenges.

    Ostara’s nutrient recovery technology helps solve these challenges, removing phosphorus to create a sustainable fertilizer that also simplifies digestate management through improved nutrient balance. Plus, we partner with you, providing revenue for every ton of recovered fertilizer you produce.

    Ostara Nutrient Recovery 690-1199 West Pender Street Vancouver, BC Canada (604) 408-6697 Visit Company Website

    Solution Type

    • Struvite Crystallization


    • Equipment Vendor


    • Concentrated Nutrients


    • Nitrogen
    • Pathogens
    • Phosphorous

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    Solution Strengths, Weaknesses and Critical Indicators

    Struvite, also known as Magnesium Ammonium Phosphate (MAP) is a slow-release phosphorus-rich product with the following attributes: 

    • Produced by treating dairy wastewater with chemicals 
    • Proven chemical process for municipal wastewater treatment 
    • Advanced phosphorus recovery systems for treating dairy manure typically cost more than those for other animal manures 
    • All advanced phosphorus recovery systems increase the cost of treating dairy manure over that of conventional treatment 
    • Effective in removing a high percentage of phosphorus when used with proper chemical treatment
    • Value of technology will be based on the marketability of the finished product 
    • Proven technology for nitrogen recovery, phosphorous recovery, and pathogen reduction

    Newtrient Comments/Opinions:

    Multiform Harvest's assets, including the animal waste treatment technology profiled in the Newtrient catalog, have been purchased by Ostara Nutrient Recovery Technologies.

    Ostara's acquisition of Multiform Harvest brings unique commercial experience with application to dairy manure. They are now one of the few companies in the world to have commercialized a technology on a dairy farm with an installation at the 1,800 milking cow Jones Dairy in Massey, Maryland. Although this system is no longer in operation, Ostara has communicated in detail with Newtrient regarding costs and performance, with the Jones Dairy proving the technology's long-term capabilities.

    Ostara has correctly indicated that the cost of any P removal system will be higher than that of conventional treatment. They have explained that their system may cost more or less than other approaches for reducing phosphorus over-application depending on the cost of expanding acreage at a given site, and costs or revenue associated with disposing of phosphorus side products that are lower in phosphorus assay (and hence require higher volume) than their 29% product.

    Newtrient will continue to work with Ostara to further refine the cost and performance information as more information comes in or with any new commercial dairy installations.

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