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Welcome to Newtrient’s Resources Library

Use this library to find webinars, peer reviewed articles, white papers, links to relevant websites and more.

Part three of a four-part webinar series sponsored by EPA AgSTAR. Topics include: Guidelines and permitting process, including what to “watch out for”. What to look for in a contract, and how to do proper due diligence. What banks and financers will ask of each farm.
Part four of a four-part webinar series sponsored by EPA AgSTAR. Topics include: Key considerations for the final stages of your RNG project. Properly managing and accounting for finances. Potential impacts of a construction project on your dairy. Community outreach. What to expect for starting up the system.
The opportunities for renewable natural gas (RNG) projects are ripe, but it is a challenge to keep tabs on the growing renewable energy space. There are many new developers, ways to structure contracts, and business decisions to consider in order to get the best deal for your farm and business.
A short video summarizing how dairy can benefit from market-driven solutions.
Newtrient and the Dairy Sustainability Alliance® hosted a webinar on the topic Ecosystem Services Markets (ESMs). Together they answered the questions: What are ESMs? How can dairy benefit from market-based approaches? Which states are already pursuing ESMs? What projects are underway to pursue ESMs? And more!
When Newtrient LLC entered its third year, we wanted to share our progress toward a new economic future for dairy on the part of a number of leading dairy cooperatives, Dairy Management Inc. (DMI) and National Milk Producers Federation (NMPF).