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BIOFerm – Plug Flow Digester

About the Company:

BIOFerm has been providing turnkey gas upgrading and anaerobic digestion systems to the North American market since 2007. Their extensive experience allows them to provide sustainable and economical solutions that integrate seamlessly into a variety of agricultural operations. As an engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) partner, BIOFerm handles every aspect of the process from conception through commissioning and is committed to providing successful renewable energy projects to their customers.

About the Solution:

BIOFermʼs horizontal plug-flow anaerobic digester is designed for input materials with higher solids content. It has a rectangular footprint and a horizontal paddle mixer extending the tank’s full length that is powered by drive units at both ends. The heated horizontal paddle mixer ensures even temperature distribution while the specialized coating in the gas space protects material and reduces maintenance cost. There is a robust feeder for individually tailored feedstock loading and all technical equipment installed in one building. This system is ideal for feedstock with a solids content of 15-25%.

The plug flow digester can be paired with the CSTR for increased biogas yields from larger projects with higher solid feedstocks. The main function of BIOFermʼs plug-flow anaerobic digester is to liquify (hydrolyze) the solid feedstock to provide a second-stage continuously-stirred tank reactor (CSTR) digester with broken down material. In this configuration, approximately 50% of the biogas produced occurs in the plug-flow anaerobic digester and 50% occurs in the second-stage CSTR digesters. The plug-flow anaerobic digester can also operate independently on smaller-scale projects.


  • Ideal for feedstock with medium-high solids content 15-25%
  • Handles high organic load
  • Specifically designed paddle mixers prevent settlement and allows continuous gas production
  • Heating integrated into mixer shaft
  • Low parasitic energy consumption
  • Fully automated operation
  • Operator-friendly control system
  • Short construction time
  • Scalable

  • BIOFerm 2537 Daniels Street Madison, WI USA (608) 467-5523 Visit Company Website

    Solution Type

    • Anaerobic Digestion


    • Equipment Vendor


    • Energy
    • Services


    • GHG
    • Odor
    • Pathogens

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    Solution Strengths, Weaknesses and Critical Indicators

    Anaerobic Digestion:

    • Long usable life and can be run reliably
    • Creates energy and generates environmental credits
    • Proper feeding & system monitoring is required to avoid system downtime
    • Proven technology for odor control
    • Proven technology for GHG reduction
    • Proven technology for pathogen reduction
    • Different types of systems produce varying gas production rates
    • Requires proper preparation of the feedstock
    • Requires other technologies for energy utilization
    • Requires other technologies for digestate handling
    • Requires other technologies to prevent nitrogen loss
    • Complex systems may require expertise not available on-farm

    Newtrient Comments/Opinions:

    Anaerobic Digester technology:

    • Is proven technology for odor, GHG, pathogen reduction and energy production
    • Has a long usable life and can be run reliably
    • Require proper preparation of the feedstock
    • Usually requires other technologies for energy utilization
    • Usually requires other technologies for digestate handling
    • Proper feeding & system monitoring is required to avoid system downtime
      Newtrient will continue to work with BIOFerm on continued updates to the technology and the dairy manure application as they develop more projects.

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