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CarboTech – Activated Carbon for Biogas

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About the Company:

CarboTech strives to be one of the world’s leading suppliers of active carbons. Whether it’s in powder form, granulated or extruded – they supply it. As well as activated carbon, they also supply activated cokes and carbon molecular sieves made from hard coal, coconut coke and charcoal.

Rooted in a heritage of German mining research and the local coal industry, CarboTech combines experience in production, application, and process engineering. They continually research and develop solutions to reduce environmental contaminates and health hazards in economically viable ways that benefit the environment and the people in it.

CarboTech believes the use of activated carbons opens the door to new solutions that are as reliable as they are economical.

About the Solution:

Biogas - A green source of energy

Biogas is becoming increasingly popular as a green source of energy – not least because it is derived from waste. This is because biogas is purified fermentation gas (a.k.a. digester gases) given off by various raw materials.

Biogas plants are run by farmers, municipalities, and energy companies to recycle plant, vegetable and animal waste. This produces digester gases – and ultimately electricity. Digester gases are also produced by (former) landfills. They can also be used to generate electricity.

Removing hydrogen sulfide

In biogas production, CarboTech’s activated carbon is used in two processes: It is most commonly used to remove hydrogen sulfide, a highly toxic, colorless gas found in digester gases. In biogas plants, it is necessary to bind hydrogen sulfide because it increases wear and tear on the engines and catalytic converters used to generate electricity.

Impregnated activated carbon moldings can carry out the necessary filtration as the gas reacts with the impregnating solution containing potassium iodide. Elemental sulfur is formed, which adheres to the activated carbon molecules.

Sometimes hydrocarbons are also present in the digester gases and stop the impregnated activated carbon developing its full potential. Here it helps to use non-impregnated activated carbon in upstream operations. This combined approach then removes all pollutants.

Biogas upgrading

The second process is biogas upgrading: equipment in biogas plants produces not just electricity but also natural gas. If this is to be fed into the natural gas grid, it cannot contain more than minor amounts of CO2, otherwise this inert gas reduces its calorific value. CarboTech’s carbon molecular sieves enable you to filter this unwanted substance out of the biogas.

Above all, CarboTech aims to offer you activated carbon of consistent quality.

CarboTech CarboTech Elisenstr. 119 Essen, Germany +49 (0)201 2489 900 Visit Company Website

Solution Type

  • AD Support


  • Equipment Vendor


  • Concentrated Nutrients
  • Energy


  • GHG
  • Nitrogen

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Solution Strengths, Weaknesses and Critical Indicators

Anaerobic Digester Associated Technology:

NOTE: There are several technology types that are used as part of an integrated manure management system that includes an anaerobic digester and are not applicable to manure management in other cases. The impact of these technologies on the critical indicators are represented as those of an entire anaerobic digester system.


  • Long usable life and can be run reliably
  • Creates energy and generates environmental credits
  • Requires proper preparation of the feedstock
  • Requires other technologies for energy utilization
  • Requires other technologies for digestate handling
  • Proper feeding & system monitoring is required to avoid system downtime
  • Proven technology for odor control, GHG reduction and pathogen reduction

Newtrient Comments/Opinions:

CarboTech has recently been added to the Newtrient catalog. Newtrient will continue to work with CarboTech to further refine the cost and performance information on their solutions. Newtrient will update this entry as more information becomes available and as new commercial dairy installations come online.

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