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About the Company:

CNG Direct is the industry leader in the sale and transportation of on-site natural gas. They are able to deliver natural gas to any location within short notice at a price that is less than diesel or propane. The natural gas is delivered via our fleet of state-of-the-art “pods” that are sized based on the volume and duration of natural gas required by the customer. This allows CNG Direct to keep the cost low while maintaining the ability to service small, medium and large scale applications.

When It comes to bulk transportation of fuels, CNG Direct is able to sell Natural Gas at a price that is less than Diesel, Propane or LNG. This is made possible by our innovation in the transportation of CNG as well as our contracted sources for natural gas. Take a look at the innovation, services and recent projects that allow CNG Direct to provide you with a cleaner and cheaper fuel source.

About the Solution:

Compressed Gas Transportation:

CNG Direct is the industry leader in the transportation of methane based fuels. We are able to condition and transport Natural Gas as well as methane from renewable sources (RNG) such as land fill, waste water or Biogas.

CNG Vehicle Fleet Mobile Fueling:

CNG Direct is now able to offer mobile fueling for fleets that is competitive with CNG station fuel. This allows CNG fleets to have a fueling station in their own yard that is DOT compliant and takes up a small section of their yard. CNG pods are rotated out as needed, and the system can be set up for quick fill or time fill applications. Having a fueling station on site reduces labor and fuel costs having drivers travel to the CNG station for fueling.

Roadside Assistance:

Range anxiety is a common issue with CNG fleets, and towing vehicles to the nearest CNG station can get expensive. CNG Direct is able to dispatch to your downed CNG vehicle and equalize with that vehicle to get them to the nearest CNG station to continue their route.

Offloading / Regulating:

CNG Direct is able to regulate fuel pressures down to the pressure and temperature needed at the required flow rate for any application. They are able to flow up to 35,000 SCF per hour with our mobile system and even more for stationary systems. Our smaller pod trailers include a built in regulator for easy offloading and they can be set up for gas flow in less than one hour. Our large pod trailers utilize our compact and state-of the art Pressure Reducing Trailer for quick and easy set up. Gas offloading equipment and heat exchangers are available for larger flow rates.

Safety Monitoring and CNG Project Management:

Some CNG projects require additional attention to ensure safe and continuous 24 hour delivery of natural gas. They can assist with project management and everything from remote monitoring systems, to 24 hour on-site safety monitoring. CNG Direct Staff are experts when it comes to safety with CNG and project management of natural gas work sites. Let CNG Direct help you design, manage and monitor your next natural gas project to ensure safe and reliable delivery.

  • On site 24 hour monitoring
  • Guaranteed flow and delivery of natural gas
  • Quick response if equipment needs assistance
  • Methane and gas flow detection systems
  • Remote monitoring systems
Hazmat Transportation:

CNG Direct is insured for all types of hazmat and fuel transportation. They have a clean record and meet current FMCA, DOT and CHP regulations for transporting CNG and other fuels.

Equipment Leasing:

CNG Direct leases CNG equipment such as our Pods, regulators, compressors, JT skids, conditioning and offloading equipment. Let CNG direct help you with all of your CNG needs.

CNG Direct, Inc. 10250 Philadelphia Ct. Rancho Cucamonga, CA 888-421-0311 Visit Company Website

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Solution Strengths, Weaknesses and Critical Indicators

NOTE: There are multiple technologies that are used as part of integrated manure management systems and yet are not manure management types on their own. The impact of these technologies on their own would be minimal or very difficult to quantify.

General Support & Other:

  • Can be an integral part of many manure management systems
  • Most projects have at least some equipment that supports operations of the main technology
  • This technology is not evaluated on its own, the NEAT Matrix for this technology is neutral unless utilized with other technologies.

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