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FEECO – Nutrient Recovery

Company Description:

FEECO International, Inc. was founded in 1951 as an engineering and equipment manufacturer. FEECO is recognized globally as an expert in providing industry-leading process design, a range of engineering capabilities, including everything from process development and sample generation, feasibility studies, to detailed plant engineering, as well as manufacturing to a variety of industries, including: fertilizer and agriculture, mining and minerals, power/utility, paper, chemical processing, forest products and more. As the leading manufacturer of processing and handling equipment in North America, no company in the world can move or enhance a concept from process development to production like FEECO International, Inc.

Technology Description:

The pressure to solve the environmental and economic challenges manure poses to farmers and society is continually mounting, as nutrient losses, ground and surface water contamination, and nutrient inefficiencies continue to plague the industry.

The transformation of manure into a granular fertilizer product offers a solution to these problems, reducing the potential for nutrient runoff, helping farmers to realize the full value of their inputs, and creating a closed-loop nutrient cycle.

FEECO is the leading provider of  manure granulation equipment and systems. Their manure granulation systems transform recovered nutrient cake into a premium fertilizer product that exceeds the EPA’s pathogen destruction requirements for a Class A Biosolid (when heavy metal thresholds are below the set standard in the raw material). The resulting product is dry, storable, easy to handle and apply, and boasts minimal odor and dust generation.

While this process can vary based on manure source and unique production goals, a typical setup involves a pugmill mixer followed by a rotary dryer with screening, air pollution control, and a recycle loop. This setup is highly customizable and can allow for additives to enhance performance or nutrient value to be included. These systems are an excellent fit for operations looking to produce 5 to 10 TPH of product.

Manure-based fertilizer and soil amendment products are backed by batch and pilot-testing capabilities in the FEECO Innovation Center, where process engineers gather process data and confirm proof of concept, proof of process, and more.

The technologies mentioned here are proven and backed by FEECO’s international reputation in providing the best in fertilizer production equipment and complete process systems. Nearly every major player in the fertilizer industry trusts FEECO for their equipment and process design needs.

FEECO 3913 Algoma Rd. Green Bay, WI USA (800) 373-9347 Visit Company Website

Technology Type

  • Evaporative Technologies


  • Equipment Vendor
  • Service Provider


  • Concentrated Nutrients


  • GHG
  • Nitrogen
  • Odor
  • Pathogens
  • Phosphorous
  • Storage

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Technology Strengths, Weaknesses and Critical Indicators

Evaporation Technologies:

  • Use heat to produce either manure with less water or dried manure solids
  • Reduce water in manure using a series of evaporators or recompressed process generated steam to evaporate water from liquid slurries—energy is supplied either by purchased fuel and/or waste heat from other processes
  • Systems that dry separated solids use either a belt or drum to evaporate water from separated solids—energy is supplied either by purchased fuel, electricity and/or waste heat from other processes
  • Compounds are released as the water is driven off (i.e. ammonia, hydrogen sulfide), this often requires additional treatment such as condensation of the water and/or scrubbing of the chemicals
  • Requires purchased energy and costs are a significant concern leading to a trade-off between input costs and gains in liquid concentration and transportation/market of by-products
  • Proven technology for nitrogen recovery, phosphorous recovery, storage reduction, GHG reduction, odor control and pathogen reduction

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