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Frontier – Tow Behind Compost Windrow Turners

About the Company:

Windrow Compost Turners
The Frontier Turning System is a controlled airflow and complete mixing system.

Old style straddle turners using flat paddles, knives or rototiller tines were somewhat effective in transforming organic waste from an environmental problem to a more benign product. But with the ever-increasing costs of fertilizers and other soil amendments making high quality compost is fast becoming a viable source of income across the country and around the world.

Every Frontier Windrow Turner is designed to perform every task required to maximize bacterial and fungal activity necessary to produce odor-free valuable compost. The Heart of the Frontier Turning System is found in every Frontier Windrow Turner from the largest to the smallest. They all create a directionally focused Gale-force airflow.

About the Solution:

Tow Behind Compost Windrow Turners

Frontier’s popular design has firmly established the effectiveness of tow-behind windrow turners on hundreds of CAFOs and other farming operations around the world.

Frontier’s rugged farm-ready construction appeals to everyone who understands the value of being “over built.” It could have been made to the normal lightweight specifications for lightweight jobs, but that is not what their customers really want or need. If you have better things to do with your time than to work on your equipment, you need a Frontier windrow turner.

Their efficient drum design results in unrivaled fuel economy that beats the competition in self-propelled and tow-behind turners.

Choosing the Right One

Your site, product flow, economic model and management practices will dictate which machine is right for you. To help with choosing the right turner for you situation, contact Frontier and take advantage of their decades of experience.

Frontier Compost Turners FRONTIER INDUSTRIAL CORP PO Box 627 Hubbard, Oregon United States (503) 859-3454 Visit Company Website

Solution Type

  • Composting


  • Equipment Vendor


  • Compost


  • GHG
  • Odor
  • Pathogens
  • Storage

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Solution Strengths, Weaknesses and Critical Indicators

Compost Technologies:

  • Requires manure fiber moisture content <80%
  • Volume reduction of 30 to 50% typical
  • Produces a stable, odor free product with market value
  • Requires significant space and time to create highest product value
  • Different technologies and approaches result in a wide range of compost characteristics

Newtrient Comments/Opinions:

Frontier has recently been added to the Newtrient catalog. Newtrient will continue to work with Frontier to further refine the cost and performance information on their solutions. Newtrient will update this entry as more information becomes available and as new commercial dairy installations come online.

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