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Greener Day Dewatering – Moving Disc Press

About the Company:

Greener Day Solutions is always focusing on independent technology in dewatering systems. They are proud to represent a new generation of sludge dewatering technology.  Their multi-plate screw press is much more advanced than belt presses and centrifuges. It features a wide range of applications, is fully automatic, has clogging-free technology, a low energy consumption, is simple to operate and has lower maintenance cost.

About the Solution:

Thicken Solids

Getting the solids out of water has always been a challenge, you can add floculents and coagulants to create a sludge but then how do you get the water out of the sludge? The Greener Day Solutions dewatering moving disc screw press, is an effective dewatering solution to this problem. This technology which thickens the sludge to 15-30% dry-matter content, creates a stackable solid can be handled and transported at lower costs than the before the water is removed. In terms of quality, it surpasses traditional sedimentation technologies. The Greener Day Solutions dewatering/thickening screw presses are designed to be used in the harsh environments of wastewater treatment plants and can be used for thickening industrial water, wastewater in food processing operations and livestock manure. If dewatering is already incorporated into a system, design and costs related to the construction of sedimentation tanks are eliminated as this equipment can be used for thickening without this pretreatment step.

Benefits of this MD Screw Press:

  • Low energy use
  • Simple installation and operation
  • 0.5–5% sludge at inlet and 15–30% sludge at outlet
  • Low noise and vibration levels
  • Wide use applications
  • Automated mode
  • Affordable spare parts
  • Low transport weight
  • Economical operation and a smaller footprint
  • High quality workmanship, manufactured in the Czech Republic

  • Operation

    These presses can operate in an automatic mode reducing labor costs. The operator can check the status of the equipment and make the necessary adjustments for optimal performance using the PLC touch screen display. The main screw motor is connected to a SEW-EURODRIVE gearbox and thanks to the front transmission achieves 7 rpm. The motor is connected via a frequency inverter, which makes it possible to further accelerate/slow down the screw. These presses can also run in manual mode, where each component can be manually turned on/off by means of the control display.

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    • GHG
    • Nitrogen
    • Odor
    • Phosphorous
    • Storage

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    Solution Strengths, Weaknesses and Critical Indicators

    Chemical flocculation technologies remove the non-dissolved particles from the waste stream typically resulting in irrigation quality “tea water”:

    • Produces a clay like cake which is high in phosphorus and with significant amounts of organic nitrogen.
    • Supported technologies include belt presses, centrifuges, dissolved air flotation systems and others; all requiring flocculants to achieve high rates of solids removal
    • There is significant variation of chemical and energy use depending on site and by technology
    • There is significant variation of operational intensity depending on site and by technology
    • There is significant variation of cost depending on site and by technology
    • Proven technology for nitrogen recovery, phosphorous recovery, storage reduction, GHG reduction, and odor control

    Newtrient Comments/Opinions:

    Newtrient will continue to work with Greener Day Solutions to further refine the cost and performance information as more information becomes available and as new commercial dairy installations come on line.  

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