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Kooima Ag – Trner Composter

About the Company:

For over 30 years Kooima Ag® has been manufacturing replacement forage harvester parts, combine parts, mixer wagon knives, header adapters and more! Kooima Ag® began as a division of Kooima Company. Kooima Company began in 1988, in a rented 1200 sq. ft. building as a stamping job shop, owned by John and Phil Kooima, a father/son partnership. Kooima Company grew into the Midwest’s best fully integrated job shop, employing 165 people in 2019. The Kooima Ag® division grew with them, serving their customers with high-quality replacement parts at a great value.

Along the way, Kooima Ag® has brought several industry-first innovations to market, incorporating our trademark Koyma Klad® hardfacing technology into new parts that last longer and wear better. Their engineers worked with farmers across the country and the world to develop unique solutions to the problems they were facing, such as grinding earlage and compost turners. Their technicians use the latest machines and technology to create great products for the Ag industry. Their in-house metallurgist ensures that their knives and parts are the best quality possible.

In 2019, the job-shop division of Kooima Company was acquired by State Steel and SPS. As a result, the Kooima Ag® division is now an independent company, still under the ownership of Phil and Kristi Kooima.

About the Solution:

Proudly made in the USA, the Trner Composter has a tough, box design. This heavy-duty design is built to handle tough materials and is proven in harsh conditions. Kooima Ag tested the Trner Composter against competitors and found, in most cases, the Kooima Ag turner was able to process significantly higher tons of raw material. The Trner Composter is typically used for manure and larger compost materials. They have also used the Trner Composter for animal mortality composting.

The Trner Composter has a higher clearance making it more suitable for larger piles. The turner's hydraulically driven wheel offers more speed and traction. There is a 3" diameter through shaft on the drum, adding more rigidity and throughput. This drum is designed to throw material back farther with less horsepower. The Trner Composter is road towable with a tongue that easily pivots for transportation. Their patented paddle design helps incorporate more oxygen into the pile. It's easy to service and has the lowest operation cost per ton!

Kooima Ag 2642 Rock Ridge Road Rock Valley, IA USA 1-800-522-8874 Visit Company Website

Solution Type

  • Composting


  • Equipment Vendor


  • Fiber


  • GHG
  • Odor
  • Pathogens

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Solution Strengths, Weaknesses and Critical Indicators

Compost Technologies:

  • Requires manure fiber moisture content <80%
  • Volume reduction of 30 to 50% typical
  • Produces a stable, odor free product with market value
  • Requires significant space and time to create highest product value
  • Different technologies and approaches result in a wide range of compost characteristics

Newtrient Comments/Opinions:

Kooima Ag has recently been added to the Newtrient catalog. Newtrient will continue to work with Kooima Ag to further refine the cost and performance information on their solution. Newtrient will update this entry as more information becomes available and as new commercial dairy installations come online.

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