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Organics Group – Ammonia Stripping and Recovery

About the Company:

Based in the UK, with subsidiaries in the USA, Oceania, Europe and SE Asia, Organics has a global vision focusing locally on renewable energy and environmental protection.

Although Organics works primarily as an EPC contractor, they also supply specialty processing units. Their objective is to ensure that, working with private businesses and government agencies, they can help communities to make energy production cleaner and greener.

By promoting the use of renewable energy and natural products, which can only help in the global push for a more sustainable lifestyle, Organics aims to contribute towards a cleaner, healthier and safer place in which we all can all live.

About the Solution:

Organics USA provides advanced process technology to control emissions from contaminating sources such as biogas from landfill sites or anaerobic digestion plants or to generate renewable energy.

Their technology has been proven under the most exacting conditions, ensuring that clients will not only meet their environmental obligations but also protect their profit margins.

General Information

  • Reliable, predictable ammonia removal
  • Good for bulk removal of ammonia
  • Discharge levels of less than 10 mg/l
  • pH adjustment and thermal processes available
  • Site specific design-for-purpose

  • Size Range

    Ammonia strippers supplied by Organics can be used for liquid flows of up to 5,000 cubic meters per day. Ammonia reduction of 10:1 can be accomplished with ease. Higher levels of removal may require elevated temperatures, high pH levels or multiple columns. With ammonium ion concentrations of over approximately 1,000 mg/litre it may be necessary to consider some form of exhaust air cleaning, either with an acid wash or by means of incineration.

    Key Features
  • A low cost method of treating one particular aspect of leachate or other fluids polluted with the ammonium ion.
  • This technology will be applicable where the only parameter falling outside of a discharge consent requirement is ammonia.
  • Compact plant operating on a physical treatment method and hence more reliable than biological treatment systems.
  • Options to instrument the plant for remote monitoring and control.

  • Typical Applications

    Ammonia stripping has its place in the range of techniques applied to landfill leachate treatment where ammonia levels must be reduced but other component concentrations, such as COD and heavy metals, are within the limits of a discharge consent.

    The cost of such a system will in general be low compared with other options that may be considered. The power requirement for air circulation is less than that for an equivalent aerated system and water pressure heads required will be a function of the height of the stripper column. When operated with in-line pre-filtration such units can operate for many years with very little maintenance.

    Organics Group 30 North Gould Street, Suite R Sheridan, Wyoming United States 1 (817) 717 5405 Visit Company Website

    Solution Type

    • Ammonia Stripping


    • Equipment Vendor


    • Concentrated Nutrients


    • Nitrogen
    • Odor
    • Pathogens

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    Solution Strengths, Weaknesses and Critical Indicators

    Ammonia-N can be harvested from manure and digestate using proven chemical/thermal processes:

    • Produces a concentrated source of nitrogen from a renewable source
    • Requires pre-treatment to remove coarse and fine solids
    • Pairs well with anaerobic digesters because digesters convert organic N into ammonium
    • Chemical storage required for process chemicals and final product
    •  Proven technology for nitrogen recovery, odor control, and pathogen reduction

    Newtrient Comments/Opinions:

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