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Parkson – Sand Separation

About the Company:

Parkson is a supplier of equipment and solutions for potable water, process water, and industrial and municipal wastewater applications. Parkson designs, engineers and assembles the products it sells into the municipal wastewater and industrial wastewater segments. The company was founded in 1960 and has been owned by Axel Johnson Inc. since 1967.

About the Solution:

Parkson’s True-Grit system was sold into the dairy industry to allow dairies to recycle sand bedding. The Tru-Grit Manure Sand Saver requires minimal operator attention. Its efficient washing operation can reclaim 80-90% of bedding sand mixed with manure. The washed sand is clean and ready for rebedding. Typically, less than 1% of organics remain in the washed sand. The result is significant reduction in sand replacement cost and sand out of storage tanks, lagoons and digesters.

Used for years in municipal wastewater treatment facilities, the Tru-Grit® system is a clean, enclosed, quality engineered design that is built for years of trouble-free operation. It is made of durable, corrosion-resistant stainless steel and uses shaftless spiral technology. There are no submerged bearings and the Tru-Grit system has minimal maintenance requirements.

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Solution Type

  • Sand Separation


  • Equipment Vendor


  • Bedding


  • GHG

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Solution Strengths, Weaknesses and Critical Indicators

Sand Separation:  

  • Used on Vacuumed/scraped manure and manure slurries with limited water addition
  • Economics can be attractive depending on post-treatment and sand price
  • Dairies that use sand for bedding believe that the sand improves the comfort and productivity of the milking herd
  • Removal of sand particles can save significant wear in down-stream equipment
  • Reusing sand form a separator for bedding can reduce farms total bedding costs
  • Can increase manure volume based on the amount and source of water used for dilution
  • Reused sand must be handled properly to ensure that pathogens and moisture are not reintroduced into the barn

Newtrient Comments/Opinions:

Coarse solids separation technologies:

  • Produces fiber for bedding, soil amendment and compost
  • Used extensively on dairies across the country to reduce storage and application concerns
  • Does not significantly reduce nutrients from the manure stream
  • Can utilize many types of technology like slope screen, screw press, rotary drum and others
  • Used before many other technologies to remove coarse solids
  • Minimal maintenance and operator time required

Parkson has worked with the dairy industry in the past to identify and implement solutions but they are not currently seeking any additional dairy based projects. Therefore, Parkson has not been evaluated using Newtrient's 9-point scoring process because they are not seeking any additional dairy based projects.

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