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Company Description:

With over a decade of experience as an engineer-procure-construct (EPC) contractor, as well as full-service operator, Regenis has proven itself as a national leader and important potential partner for renewable energy projects related to all forms of organic waste treatment. Services supplied run the entire spectrum, including grant writing, engineering, design, permitting, bonding, construction, and on-going operation. With over fourteen projects completed to date, ranging in scale from 50,000 to 500,000 gallons per day flow, Regenis is experienced in both small and large project development.


While Regenis is particularly experienced in dairy manure applications, experience extends to projects involving intensive co-digestion, poultry and other manure treatment, as well as partnerships on municipal and food scrap digestion. Regenis provides whole system solutions, partnering with projects in regard to all aspects of treatment including pretreatment, gas treatment/use, and solids and nutrients recovery.

Technology Description:

Regenis works with project developers on system solutions that best fit their particular need. As such, Regenis offers and supplies a suite of technologies aimed at providing the best treatment and performance from a whole system perspective. These suite of technologies are sourced both internally and from partnering vendors and encompass feedstock pretreatment and preparation, anaerobic digesters, biogas treatment and use, heat recovery and use, solids separation, advanced nutrient separation and recovery, and clean water

Regenis 6920 Salashan Pkwy A-102 Ferndale, WA USA 866-578-8630 Visit Company Website

Technology Type

  • Services


  • Consultant
  • Service Provider


  • Other
  • Services


  • GHG
  • Nitrogen
  • Odor
  • Pathogens
  • Phosphorous
  • Storage

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Technology Strengths, Weaknesses and Critical Indicators

Consultants, Developers & Service Providers:  

  • Can be an integral part of a project team
  • Generally used to provide specific expertise or to reduce the responsibility or risk
  • Most projects have at least some Consultants, Developers and Service Providers
  • Consultants are generally hired to oversee or advise in a specific area of expertise
  • Developers usually are responsible for the entire project
  • Service Providers typically provide services in a particular area of expertise
  • No Consultant, Developer or Service Provider can make a bad project successful


Newtrient Comments/Opinions:

Regenis is an experienced EPC Contractor on farm-based anaerobic digestion and nutrient recover systems having served in that capacity on 13 projects across WA, ID, OR and CA with on-going project development continuing across this and other expanded regions while also expanding in scope to include renewable natural gas (RNG) in addition to the combined heat and power (CHP) projects they have done in the past. Regenis will assist a project from cradle to grave putting the team together, grant writing, connecting to tech providers and financiers, assist is permitting, fabrication within our extensive metal fabrication facilities, and will provide service after the installation. They presently provide full service at several installations they have done as well as three other projects.   Regenis has traditionally done projects centered on DVO licensed mixed plug flow anaerobic digesters, but are willing and able to work with other technologies as well. On several projects they have installed and operate various post digestion treatment technologies including screens, DAFs, ammonia stripping, as well as CHP engines, H2S scrubbers, biogas conditioning equipment, pressure lines, and injection points to RNG pipeline. They are also doing projects at urban/rural interface using co-digestion and diverse feeds requiring non-farm placement and other key technologies like depackaging, etc. While their past experience is truly on-farm they are actively marketing to other areas that take advantage of their core expertise and expertise. Nutrient and water management is vital and Regenis is quickly moving towards being a provider of key technology to respond to the need of the dairy industry in these areas and they are becoming much more than an AD company.   Regenis takes an active part in industry outreach beyond their own sales and marketing. They are active in the American Biogas Council and other industry groups, and have shown a commitment to open transparency and moving the industry forward. Newtrient will continue to work with Regenis to further refine the cost and performance information as more information comes in with new commercial dairy installations.

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