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Schwing Bioset – Fluid Bed Processing

Recovering Nature's Essentials

About the Company:

For more than 30 years, Schwing Bioset Inc. has been helping wastewater treatment plants, mines and power generation customers by engineering material handling solutions. Schwing Bioset’s custom-engineered solutions can be found in hundreds of wastewater treatments plants in North America, as well as mines and tunnels around the world.


Schwing Bioset, Inc. was founded in 2006 by separating the Material Handling Division of Schwing America into its own company. This company was created to pioneer and develop high performance, remarkable material handling solutions.


In April 2006, Schwing Bioset, Inc. (SBI) moved to a new manufacturing facility in Somerset, WI. Somerset is located in the scenic Saint Croix River Valley along the Minnesota and Wisconsin border and is only one hour away from the Minneapolis/St. Paul International airport. This dynamic region is home to some of the finest summer and winter activities of the region and is an ideal setting for the continued growth of SBI.


The 20,000 square foot factory is home to the engineering and manufacturing of the high quality products Schwing Bioset offers. Schwing’s Project Management and Fluid Bed Drying teams remain located in their respective locations of Danbury, CT and Houston, TX.


Schwing Bioset is now in partnership with NuReSys to bring its Struvite Recovery Technology to North America. The NuReSys approach is customer driven and primarily problem solving, related to phosphate issues. The flexibility of the NuReSys process allows to select a number of variants and/or combination to resolve the customer’s specific and/or critical phosphate related issues.

About the Solution:

Environmentally Friendly

  • Dust-tight Construction
  • Closed-Loop Processing
  • Use of Low Value & Waste Heat Sources and Energy Recovering Techniques

  • Acts as an Extension of the Project Team

  • Assistance with upstream/downstream equipment, including wet material storage and handling, slurry pumping with Schwing piston pumps, dry/cool product storage and loadout facilities, and controls
  • Extended Scope of Supply
  • Preparation of Arrangement Plans
  • Installation Supervision, Pre-Commissioning Checks, and Commissioning Assistance
  • Operating Services through SBI's BDS Group

  • Assistance with Performance Improvements, Upgrades, and Other Enhancements /p>
  • Troubleshooting and On-Site Diagnostic Assistance
  • Optimization and Retrofitting for Performance Improvement and Capacity Expansion
  • Refurbishment
  • Assistance with Enhanced Control and Automation Measures
  • Adapting Existing Equipment for Other Uses

  • Product Testing and Characterization

    SBI can assist your product development team with testing and characterization studies.

    Custom Designed For New and Existing Plant Sites

    Schwing Bioset's Fluid Bed Technology Group offers complete systems for processing powders, granulate, pellets and crystalline solids in the following ways:

  • Drying
  • Cooling
  • Conditioning
  • Classifying
  • Other Mechanical, Thermal, Evaporative & Reactive Processes

  • A Variety of Configurations:

    SBI offers fluid bed systems in a variety of configurations with features and accessories to achieve or exceed your plant's operating and maintenance requirements:

  • Open / Closed Loop Designs
  • Direct and Indirect Heating
  • Inclusion of Heating/Cooling Surfaces Within the Fluidized Layer
  • Combined Processing Steps with Multi-zone, Multi-stage, Integrated Options
  • Features such as weir liners, adjustable layer height, CIP adaptations, special cleanouts and washing drains, inspection and maintenance access are a few of many available options

  • Areas of Concentration:

  • Coal and Related Materials
  • Municipal Biosolids
  • Municipal and Industrial Waste Water Treatment Plant Sludge
  • Mined Materials Including: Potash, Rock Salt, Borates, and Others
  • Dewatered Evaporator Solids – Chloride Salts, Ammonium Sulfate, Phosphates, Borates, Calcium Carbonate, Citric Acid, Various Derivatives, and Others
  • Plastics – PVC, HD/LD Polyethylene, Resins, Precursors, and Others in Granular and Pelletized Form

  • Energy Performance:

    Homogenous and highly efficient thermal treatment, and systems with a minimum of moving parts are hallmarks of fluid bed processing. Schwing Bioset's Fluid Bed Team has the expertise to take advantage of these inherent benefits resulting in:
  • Reduced Equipment Size and Footprint
  • Reduced Maintenance Attention and Cost
  • Reduced Energy Consumption, Emissions and Operating Cost Per Ton of Processed Product
  • Schwing Bioset 350 SMC Drive Somerset, WI USA 715-247-3433 Visit Company Website

    Solution Type

    • Active Solids Drying


    • Equipment Vendor


    • Concentrated Nutrients


    • GHG
    • Nitrogen
    • Odor
    • Pathogens
    • Storage

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    Solution Strengths, Weaknesses and Critical Indicators

    Active Drying Technologies:

    • Produce a marketable product, dry manure solids, and reduce transportation costs
    • Require energy to reduce water content and dry manure solids, purchased energy cost are an issue
    • Require operator attention in excess of other systems due to the risk of combustion
    • Other compounds are released with the water (i.e. ammonia, hydrogen sulfide), and require additional treatment
    • Potential loss of ammonia nitrogen due to volatilization
    • Proven technology for storage reduction, odor control, GHG reduction and pathogen reduction

    Newtrient Comments/Opinions:

    This Technology has not been evaluated using Newtrient's 9-point scoring process because, although their process appears to be suited for use on dairy manure, Newtrient is not aware of any current North American based dairy projects.  Newtrient will continue to work with Schwing Bioset to further refine the cost and performance information as information comes in with commercial dairy installations.

    Newtrient 9-Point Scoring Rating

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