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Stjernholm – Sand Separation

Sustainable Partnership

About the Company:

In close co-operation with agricultural experts, dairy industry consultants, veterinarians and dairy farmers, Stjernholm has developed a range of products and acquired unique process knowledge, which allows them to offer a turn-key solution in sand separation, cleaning and reuse in the stalls for larger dairy operations. .

Common difficulties pertaining to handling manure containing sand can now be eliminated resulting in improved animal welfare and increased profitability. Stjernholm’s focus is to develop and market technical solutions and systems for the treatment of manure-laden sand, for farmers in Denmark and abroad. With Stjernholm, you will find a professional partner capable of delivering high quality and reliable machinery working to your benefit and to the welfare of your livestock.

Stjernholm A/S was established in 1997 and develops, manufactures, markets and installs a wide range of quality equipment for domestic and industrial wastewater treatment. Stjernholm products are well known for their high quality and reliability.

About the Solution:

Every dairy farmer using sand bedding is well acquainted with the challenges in handling slurry containing large quantities of sand.

Stjernholm’s customized solutions help dairy farmers meet these challenges, offering simple, reliable and smart systems to handle manure-laden containing sand.

Stjernholm’s process of handling manure with sand is unique and based on many years of development, experience and application of equipment to handle sand holding wastewater. Today, the process is fully adapted for the application on dairy operations with installations running in both Denmark and abroad.

The process consists of three steps:

  • Separation of sand and manure.
  • Cleaning of the separated sand for reuse in the stalls.
  • Handling of sand free slurry, e.g. by separation into a thin and thick fraction.

The Stjernholm sand separation process reduces expenses for buying new sand and eliminates the cost of removing sand sediments in storage tanks. Sand free slurry can be stored, applied or used on biogas plants without the problems sand-laden manure normally would cause with these activities.

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Solution Type

  • Sand Separation


  • Equipment Vendor


  • Bedding


  • GHG

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Solution Strengths, Weaknesses and Critical Indicators

Sand Separation:  

  • Used on Vacuumed/scraped manure and manure slurries with limited water addition
  • Economics can be attractive depending on post-treatment and sand price
  • Dairies that use sand for bedding believe that the sand improves the comfort and productivity of the milking herd
  • Removal of sand particles can save significant wear in down-stream equipment
  • Reusing sand form a separator for bedding can reduce farms total bedding costs
  • Can increase manure volume based on the amount and source of water used for dilution
  • Reused sand must be handled properly to ensure that pathogens and moisture are not reintroduced into the barn

Newtrient Comments/Opinions:

Stjernholm has recently been added to the solutions catalog. They are interested in identifying a dairy partner in the United States for their system. Newtrient will continue to work with them to further refine the cost and performance information, publishing it and updating the 9-Point score as information becomes available from a commercial dairy installation in North America.

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