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Newtrient – A catalyst in an exciting new industry

For millennia farmers have understood that healthy soil creates plentiful, healthy food. Yet, today’s farmers recognize the need to reduce dependence on commercially produced fertilizers in favor of more natural systems that reduce costs, better manage water, protect and improve the soil, increase yield, and enhance the environment.

Enter Newtrient, a convener of experts spurring new developments in sustainable solutions. We work with dairy farmers to find the right solution for their farm, in their market. We link product developers and technology firms with the dairy industry. And we are helping create an organized market that takes manure from barn to field to product to market, while supporting healthier, more environmentally responsible communities.

A connector of leaders representing 20,000 dairies that produce half the milk in the United States, Newtrient brings together farmers, industry associations, researchers, investors, technology leaders and product developers to make informed decisions about manure management opportunities. We understand dairies, markets, and products, and bring the right entities together for success.

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