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Reach dairy farmers through sponsoring a Newtrient Solutions webinar or webinar series.

Newtrient Solutions Webinar Sponsorship

Newtrient seeks to help dairy farmers better understand the economics, incentives, and programs behind existing and emerging environmental solutions. All solutions are backed by third-party, credible reviews.

Newtrient Solutions webinars are made publicly available to dairy farmers across the country. Your sponsorship will help significantly expand the reach of these resources.

By the Numbers:

  • Invites and recordings are distributed to 5,000+ dairy farmers and dairy community members through our cooperative membership, industry newsletters and social media channels.
  • Webinar recordings are hosted on Newtrient’s YouTube channel and website for future viewing. Previously, over 600 people attended and/or viewed Newtrient’s webinars.
  • Newtrient sponsorships are $2,500 for a 60-minute webinar; $2,000/webinar if sponsoring 2 or more as part of a series; all webinars are presented using the Newtrient webinar platform.

Sponsorship Benefits:

  • Gain recognition as a solutions-driver in the dairy community, providing dairy farmers across the country with greater access to credible information on innovative technology and practice solutions.
  • Get direct access to dairy farmers seeking sustainability solutions, and access to dairy environmental experts on a variety of topics.
  • Sponsor are recognized through promotional materials, and their contact information is provided during and after the webinar if desired.
  • Work with Newtrient to identify a topic aligned with your mission and the dairy industry.
  • Hassel free, as Newtrient will be responsible for the webinar logistics including marketing, registration, communication, production, and facilitation.
  • Your logo and link to your website will be on all Newtrient webinar marketing materials, and your logo will be included on the resource page of the Newtrient website.
  • Verbal recognition of your sponsorship during the introduction and closing of the webinar.
  • When possible and appropriate, Newtrient will include speakers from the sponsor’s organization.
  • If requested your contact information will be provided to attendees at the end of the Newtrient presentation.
  • Your logo with link to your website will be included on post webinar communication.
  • Your questions will be considered for inclusion in post-webinar feedback survey if one is offered.
  • You will receive a recording of the Newtrient webinar and links to the webinar on the Newtrient website and other education platforms. You will also be provided links to this content to include on your website and to distribute through your own communication channels.

Sponsorship Guidelines:

  • Due to the nature of Newtrient’s business, providing independent information and unbiased opinions from the dairy industry perspective, Newtrient does not present information on behalf of any vendor or service provider who actively markets its products or services to the dairy industry. Participation by any entity that is represented in the Newtrient Catalog or referenced by name in its educational materials may only be involved by sponsoring educational events as part of a larger industry organization or group. Newtrient webinars are noncommercial forums, the direct promotion of products and services is prohibited.
  • Newtrient invites sponsorships from non-vendor industry related sources such as dairy cooperatives, universities and university extension programs, state and federal agencies, non-governmental organization, environmental advocates, non-profit entities, and other industry related stakeholders.
  • Newtrient is solely responsible for the content of the webinars, workshops, and educational programs it presents. To the extent that is possible, sponsors with be kept appraised of the development of content and will be credited for supporting the programing but under no circumstances will they be given editorial authority over the facts and opinions presented.
  • Newtrient webinars will be educationally focused and noncommercial, delivering best practices, resources, or solutions whenever possible.
  • Newtrient is responsible for the scheduling and promotion of the webinar, sending invites and recordings to 5,000+ dairy farmers and dairy community members through our membership and channels. Sponsoring organizations will be provided with promotional materials no less than four (4) weeks before the webinar presentation date to allow them to supplement the promotion through their own communication channels.
  • Newtrient will copyright the webinar; no license to the content is granted to the sponsor.
  • Newtrient does not discriminate in the rewarding of sponsorship opportunities based on race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, or any other applicable protected classification.
  • Each webinar is structured as a separate sponsorship agreement. No joint venture, partnership, agency, or relationship of any kind is created in or by the sponsorship agreement. Neither Party may assume or create obligations on the other Party’s behalf, nor may either Party take any action that creates the appearance of such authority.
  • Newtrient reserves the right to cancel a webinar if deemed necessary or due to lack of interest or participation. In the event a webinar is canceled, the sponsor will be reimbursed within 30 days of the scheduled webinar date.

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