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Midwestern BioAg – Precision-Ag Fertilizer

Better Farming Through Better Soil.

About the Company:

At Midwestern BioAg, the focus is on soil health and helping farmers increase yields, grow more nutritious food and forage, and achieve greater profits.

Midwestern BioAg’s products and approach address a farm’s yield-limiting factors with balanced fertilizer blends that go beyond NPK to include calcium, sulfur and trace minerals, such as boron, magnesium and manganese. Midwestern BioAg uses high-quality minerals and carbon-based fertilizers in customized programs that fit specific crops and soil types. Midwestern BioAg recommends crop rotations to help provide necessary nutrients naturally — for plants and soil microbes. Midwestern BioAg uses cover crops to build soil structure and retain nutrients — again to support both plant and soil microbe growth. The improved soil structure (a result of active soil biology, cover crops and low tillage) leads to healthier, more resilient plants.

Midwestern BioAg’s focus on building a healthy microbial community keeps nutrients in the soil and more available to plants. This nutrient efficiency saves growers money, on a per-bushel basis, and reduces the likelihood of nutrient runoff into waterways. (Farmers using Midwestern BioAg products and full system often see significant reductions in the amount of commercial nitrogen they use per bushel of food grown.) The Midwestern BioAg process helps build soil organic matter, making the soil much more productive while turning a farm’s topsoil into a carbon sink. And, overall, the Midwestern BioAg program increases farm yields.

About the Solution:

Nutrients in a Manure Matrix for Better Coverage & Improved Uptake  

TerraNu fertilizers deliver essential nutrients in a manure matrix for enhanced fertilizer performance and more root exchange sites. Using TerraNu Nutrient Technology™, nutrients are infused into a manure base granulated for precise, uniform application. Nutrients in TerraNu fertilizers are bound to manure, so they are easily pulled into the soil biology, allowing for immediate and season-long availability.  

Sustainability Defined: Closing the Loop  

TerraNu Nutrient Technology gives crop producers easy access to manure-based nutrients from dairy farms, closing the nutrient imbalance in American farming. This advanced manufacturing process infuses NPK and key micronutrients into a manure base granulated for precise, uniform application. In addition to giving more farms access to the important nutrient value of manure, it can also alleviate nutrient overloading from excess manure application and the water quality challenges that can follow.  

The result offers many of the benefits of manure without the application challenges. It’s easier to transport, use and store, and is engineered to offer season-long nutrient uptake.

Midwestern BioAg 918 Deming Way, Suite 200 Madison, WI USA (800) 327-6012 Visit Company Website

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Solution Strengths, Weaknesses and Critical Indicators

Additives generally fall into two categories, feed additives and manure additives.

Feed additives are generally used to:

  • Increase production
  • Decrease greenhouse gas emissions
  • Manure additives are generally used to:

  • Disrupt the breakdown of manure
  • Reduce foaming
  • Physical and Biochemical Stabilization
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    Newtrient will continue to work with Midwestern BioAg to further refine the cost and performance information as this information becomes available with their new commercial dairy installation.   Midwestern BioAg has not been evaluated using Newtrient's 9-point scoring process at this time because this technology is not commercially available.

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