Solution Strengths, Weaknesses and Critical Indicators

Additives generally fall into two categories, feed additives and manure additives.

Feed additives are generally used to:

  • Increase production
  • Decrease greenhouse gas emissions
  • Manure additives are generally used to:

  • Disrupt the breakdown of manure
  • Reduce foaming
  • Physical and Biochemical Stabilization
  • Overall Summary

    Solutions Providers in order of 9-Point Scoring System

    Amendments for Treatment of Agricultural Waste (591) The addition of chemical or biological additives to manure, process wastewater, contaminated storm water runoff, or other wastes to reduce adverse effects on air and/or water. Practice Information The purpose of this practice is to change the characteristics of the waste stream to…
    Aquafix’s knowledge of how to degrade complex wastes in lagoons has helped them to create innovative biological treatments for manure lagoons as well. Manure tends to consist of the material that is most resistant to biological breakdown, which is how it made it through the animal. This means complex catalysts,…
    The Novozymes biogas enzyme toolbox draws on an extensive portfolio of enzymes. That’s is how they strive to get the right enzymatic blends for your plant’s substrate mix. Whether your plant processes residues from agriculture, food production, wastewater or sewage, Novozymes wants to help boost its profitability with their custom…
    Pro-Act microbial provides highly affected waste treatment systems for the concentrated animal feeding operation. The Pro-Act system treats and stabilizers animal waste, making it Farmer and environmentally friendly by reducing TSS, BOD, viscosity and order. The treatment system is energy efficient and provides an excellent source of methane collection in…
    Cocoa’s composting process transforms organic waste materials including dairy, swine, poultry and horse manure as well as agricultural residuals like hay, silage, straw, and used bedding into high-quality Cocoa Compost Fertilizers, that are enriched to optimize soil performance and maximize crop yields. The Cocoa Process provides rigorous quality control procedures to ensure uniform, pathogen free Cocoa Compost…
    BioCover has a complete acidification system that can be utilized in a variety of ways for adding acid and anhydrous ammonia to slurry: SyreN Adding sulphuric acid to manure slurry during application to reduce ammonia emission.  The SyreN system is a mobile acidification system for manure.  Sulphuric acid that is…