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Reduce the environmental footprint of dairy and make it economically viable to do so.

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How Dairy Benefits from Market-Driven Solutions

Learn more about Ecosystem Services Markets and other efforts underway to create a more economically sustainable path to improved water quality.

Recent Newtrient Content

Collaborative Innovation: Athian’s Vital Role in Advancing Livestock Sustainability

Our partners at Athian were recently featured with Farm Journal in a review of Livestock Sustainability systems. In “Livestock Sustainability: A Push to Change A Mitigating Climate” Farm Journal explores the importance of collaboration across the value chain to meet emissions reduction goals, and the role that Athian has in ensuring the benefits of that collaboration work its way … Read more

Newtrient invests in Athian, a Carbon Credit Marketplace, to Advance Dairy’s Environmental Efforts

Media Contact: Jamie Vander Molen BoehlVP, Sustainability Initiatives, [email protected](312) 898-8218 ROSEMONT, IL – Feb. 2, 2023 – Today, Newtrient, an environment and technical resource company assisting U.S. dairy farmers with economically reducing their environmental footprint, announced an investment in Athian, a carbon credit marketplace for livestock producers to work collaboratively to reach dairy sustainability targets. … Read more

Newtrient’s Chris Kopman on reducing emissions from dairy farms

Chris Kopman discusses practices dairy farmers can adopt to reduce their environmental impact.

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Aligned Digesters – Anaerobic Digester

Ammongas – Biogas Upgrading

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