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Welcome to Newtrient’s Solutions Catalog

Search for solutions used to treat and manage manure and other ways to reduce the impact you have on the environment.

Fence (382) A constructed barrier to animals or people. Practice Information This practice is applied to any area where livestock and/or wildlife control is needed, or where access to people is to be regulated. A wide variety of fences exist, however, fencing material and construction quality is always designed and…
Forage Harvest Management (511) Forage harvest management includes timely cutting and removal of forages as hay, green-chop, or ensilage. Practice Information This practice applies to all land uses where forage is machine harvested. Forage is harvested at a frequency and height that optimizes the desired forage stand, plant community, and…
Pasture and Hay Planting (512) Pasture and hay planting is establishing adapted and compatible species, varieties, or cultivars of perennial herbaceous plants suitable for pasture or hay production. Practice Information This practice applies to all lands suitable for establishment of perennial species for pasture and hay production. This practice does…
Pond Sealing Or Lining – Geomembrane or Geosynthetic Clay Liner (521) Pond sealing or lining is the installation of a liner for a pond or waste impoundment consisting of a continuous synthetic flexible material. Practice Information The purpose of this practice is to control seepage from water and waste impoundments…
Prescribed Grazing (528) Managing the harvest of vegetation with grazing and/or browsing animals with the intent to achieve specific ecological, economic, and management objectives. Practice Information This practice applies to all lands where grazing and/or browsing animals are managed. Benefits of the application of this practice include but are not…
Residue and Tillage Management, Reduced Till (345) Residue and tillage management, reduced till practice manages the amount, orientation, and distribution of crop and other plant residue on the soil surface year-round while limiting the soil-disturbing activities used to grow and harvest crops in systems where the field surface is tilled…
Sprinkler System (Code 442) The sprinkler system practice uses a distribution system to apply water through a nozzle that is operated under pressure. Practice Information The purpose of a sprinkler system is to apply water uniformly and efficiently to land. The controlled application improves plant productivity, prevents nutrient and other…
Underground Outlet – Riser (620) A conduit or system of conduits installed beneath the ground surface to convey surface water to a suitable outlet. Practice Information The purpose of the underground outlet is to carry excess surface water to a suitable outlet from terraces, water and sediment control basins, diversions,…
The AGT Mini system brings Agrilab Technologies Inc.’s suite of aeration, heat recovery, and control technology into a configurable package for smaller compost volumes. The AGT Mini system is a compact solution for smaller compost operations. The Mini System shares the features of our larger products but in a smaller,…
If you are interested in solar, reach out to Jordan Energy for an initial discussion. At no cost to you, they will assess your current energy usage and recommend the perfect solar system for your needs. Federal incentives, state policies, and rising energy prices make solar an attractive proposition. Reviewing…

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Every dairy farmer’s nutrient management needs and business goals are unique. That’s why we have created this unique catalog to make it easier for dairy farmers to access information and make decisions regarding nutrient management specific to their operations and goals.
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Every solution is evaluated based on nine criteria developed by Newtrient’s Solution Advancement Team (SAT). The 9-Point Scores indicate the status and assist in tracking the progress of the additives, practices, technologies and services.
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